Daz Dillinger Arrested, Facing 13 Felonies


    daz kanye kim arrested

    Days after Daz Dillinger went on a rant about Kim Kardashian sucking d**k, the rapper was arrested for allegedly having a bunch of weed in his Georgia home.

    Tha Dogg Pound rapper was locked up on Tuesday after cops found a total of 117 grams of marijuana in his residence … including in several cigarillo packets and a green mason jar.

    Daz allegedly also had 10 THC pods, THC oil, a THC vaporizer, and a container in his home studio labeled “Cannabis Lean.”

    His bond was set at $15k, and he’s still in jail waiting to see the judge. He’s facing 13 felony charges.

    Did Kris Jenner tip off the cops or…?


    1. He smokes weed on instagram all dam year talk shit to a captain save the next day he’s arrested, YOU GO FIGURE

      • Daz doesn’t have boule Bill money or OJ money. Daz is going to prison and he will never get out.

    2. Did Kris Jenner tip off the cops? You better believe she tipped off the cops! I told you guys the Kardashians are government agents. Those white bitches are on a mission to destroy black men. Daz’s (Real name Delmar Arnaud) life is over!

    3. Where’s that tough crip talk bullshit at now!….and why is he in GA? Just like the losers in my hood!

    4. He better hope snoop helps him out
      Daz little fish compared to kim who makes more and worth than he is

      Daz ain’t even relevant he was just the other day making fun of suge knight and dissing his son now look at him

      Daz been high talking chit bout folks for years

      Never go against rich white folks

      • This!!

        Why is he not here in Cali with that foolishness.

        He knows darn well Weed still aint legal everywhere.

    5. Why is smoking or owning weed a felony…like these heffas are drinking gallons of alcohol and causing all sorts of destruction at home and on the road but yet liquor is legal

    6. Mr. Daz, I Marion Suge Knight Jr. Sent the po to your door for all that sh*t you talked you little Hoe. Internet Gang Banger.
      Death row in the muthaphukkin House. We coming for you next [You know who I’m talking about].


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