Dawn Rachal – Using Reverse Racism to Get Rid of Low Paying Clients & Ruining Their Health!

HSK Exclusive – Dr Dale Prokupek’s receptionist/sidekick, Dawn “Nurse Ratched” Rachal, Is responsible for driving low budget patients away from the good doctors office. Don’t believe me? Ask Pericles Chamis.

Here’s court papers with Pericles Chamis vs Dale Prokupek:

“Dawn’s days at the office are numbered…. because secretly behind Dawn’s back, Dr Prokupek, blames her for his legal issues.”

Dawn “Nurse Ratched” Rachal, first job after graduating from ASU, was to work for Dr Prokupek.Kknow why? Because Dr Prokupek, needed a low morals person working at his office to curve low paying patients away from his practice.

“If you were to call the office, Dawn will forward your call to voicemail & if you keep calling & you’re White, she’ll use reverse racism.” – Gary D

Does Dr Prokupek use troll farms like Hollywood celebrities to push back lawsuits and bad reviews on search engines ? Of course, he does.

“Dawn will curve low paying patients to voicemail or use reverse racism to get rid of them & she also controls the overseas troll farms to push back articles on Google.”

Does Dr Prokupek, have numerous of lawsuits pushed back on search engines? Of course, he does. Don’t believe me, Google Kevin Lesser vs Dale A Prokupek.

Tune in next time to find out if Dr Dale Prokupek’s self taking testosterone therapy sessions is taking toll on his temper? Is the good doctor in need of anger management classes? Is Dawn “Nurse Ratchet” Rachal, the Kanye West, of Dr Prokupek’s office?

Same time next Monday, to find out!