Dale Prokupek From Good Doctor to Bully and Malpractice

Exclusive – The Beverly Hills Dr Dale Prokupek, is alleged to be filled with narcissism and he is negligent to his patients. This according to clients in the good doctors Rolodex .

“I find the office disorganized and unprofessional. I’ve waited 3 weeks to get a CT scan and they finally get the results sent to Dr Prokupek and no one is available to get me my results.” – Mark M

Many of Dr Prokupek’s patients have complained about calling the doctors office for medical results and getting their calls forwarded to the good doctors voice mail. Know why? Because if you’re an early patient of Dr Dale Prokupek’s career and you can’t afford to pay his new rates. He is dismissive of you. Don’t believe me, ask Leslie M

Dr Dale Prokupek, wasn’t only investigated and audited by the DEA for writing up Adderall prescriptions to his patients, we were told Dr Prokupek had a patient on four controlled medications and then stopped seeing the patient. Know why? Because the patient called Dr Prokupek’s office asking for their medications and his receptionist Dawn Rachal, had given away their medications and terminated them as a patient on that same call.

“Dr Prokupek was a good doctor, but when he hired Dawn as his receptionist, he turned into a Hollywood doctor gone rogue for cash – Dr Prokupek had me on four medical prescriptions & he had Dawn cut me off – So, I journeyed off and went to see a psychiatrist and my shrink told me Dr Prokupek, was not only damaging but he was dangerous – Dawn, instantly cutting me off my meds was to drive me into a cold turkey state of mind.” -Gary D

Dawn Rachal, has been working at Dr Prokupek’s office for less than two years and she has the power to dismiss patients who were clients to the doctor for over eighteen years.

“Dawn’s has a few jobs, but her main job is to curve low paying patients phone calls to voice mail and to get all of the complaints about Dr Prokupek off Yelp.” – Virginie B

Since Dr Prokupek has connections over at Yelp to have removed any negative reviews of his practice, we over here at HSK have decided to print a few complaints that were pulled.

Dr. Prokupek was my doctor for 18yrs and was a fantastic doctor in the GI field. Then when he went into cosmetic surgery and made the Hollywood reporter, he became impossible to see and hired a new staff that became impossible to deal with. When he went on vacation this past month, the chief nurse screwed up my meds and I complained, he backed her and cut me off as a patient because she runs the office so well, he can work less. This is literally a case of a doctor going Hollywood. I’m sure they’ll try to say I was the problem. But ask yourself, if I was the problem, why did he treat me for 18yrs? Use your own intuition on whose telling the truth. A fantastic doctor, when he cares, and before he went “Hollywood”. But you cannot feel secure with him truly having a patients back anymore. Not like he used to be. He’s too big now to get the level of quality care that you’re paying for. When he invariably responds; please keep in mind, that Dr. Prokupek has been treating me for my depression and mental health and ADHD. His nurse practitioner changed my dosage on my meds on my last visit and then when the nurse gave away my other meds for a different treatment that was waiting for me, rather than him check with me first and talk to me, ensure that my behavior may not be related to this change in dosage, he flippantly fires off a letter saying he’s ending my care after 18yrs.

A perfect example of someone being too successful to give you the kind of care and attention one deserves. Again, can you blame the patient for the behavior when the doctor in question is prescribing the mental health treatment? Not talking to me first before “firing” me as a patient – I feel is irresponsible health care. More so, I feel like my trust has been broken in such a way that I had to leave this review. Decide on your own to see him or not. But this is what happened to me and I’m devastated and looking for a new doctor after 18 years. I feel betrayed.

As a Doctor who purports to be a specialist in ADHD, to change my dosage on a mental health medication, which could affect my behavior and “firing” me after 18yrs before talking to me first over said change in dosage is extremely irresponsible as a doctor and as said before, evidence of how success has changed him. Ten years ago this never would’ve happened.

Dr. Prokupek had the nerve to sick a lawyer on my husband with a cease and desist over a valid review and has caused both of us mental anguish and undue stress.

I was a patient of Dr. Prokupek’s for over ten years along with my husband who had been seeing him since 2004 and left a review 3 months ago saying Dr Prokupek went “Hollywood”. What my husband didn’t say in his review was that his whole incident started when after waiting six weeks for an appointment to see Dr. Prokupek and driving seven hours all night from Phoenix to make it, Dr. Prokupek chose to bump him for a drug rep.

He saw it all. While waiting for his noon appointment after checking in early, he noticed a drug rep check in for a 12:30 luncheon. When 12:20 still hit and my husband was still patiently waiting, he asked about his appointment. Realizing the mistake; even though the appointment was made and waited on for six weeks, Dr. Prokupek felt the drug rep luncheon was more important than an 18yr long patient who waited six weeks to see him.

My husband, rather than insisting his appointment be kept, agreed to see the nurse practitioner in exchange for them providing samples for the treatment Dr. Prokupek prescribed not covered by our insurance. When my husband couldn’t get to pick them up in time due to work and a sleep disorder; Dawn, who has been rude to both of us since hire, gave them to other patients, screwing up my husbands treatment which to this day has still caused problems. When my husband complained to Dawn directly and proceeded to try to complain to him directly; Dawn gaslighted the situation, painted my husband as a racist because she is a woman of color (much to the chagrin of his African American business partner) and instead of Doctor Prokupek calling to discuss this with my husband. After 18yrs of treatment, he chooses to believe the gaslighting of his new staff member and “fires” my husband?!

When my husband left a review telling the truth, saying Dr. Prokupek had gone “Hollywood” from success. Rather than pick up a phone and call to discuss it like a “Health Care” professional, my husband gets a “Cease and Desist” letter from Dr. Prokupek’s lawyer. Does that action in itself not prove my husband right?

Please keep in mind that *none of the staff* in the picture above work at the office anymore. We’ve witnessed staff turnover for years while overhearing them complain under their breath about how he treats them. He was such a great doctor to us for so long, we ashamedly looked the other way.

I think the final straw for me is reading this other lady’s review about how Dr. Prokupek would not personally call her terminally ill husband for treatment of his colon cancer.  But he did personally call me months ago when he was afraid I’d leave my own review after my husbands over them playing games with my ADD prescription saying there were issues with CVS when CVS has had no problem filling any other meds from this office.

So he can find time to call me but not a terminally ill man?

This guy didn’t just go Hollywood. He makes Hollywood seem respectable.

I’ll say what my husband won’t. As long as Dawn is there, it’s a racket and you cannot expect her to tell the truth on anything.

Now watch, they’ll try to paint me as a racist for telling the truth. I’m sure they’d try to claim homophobic misogyny too if I wasn’t a bi-sexual woman.

I remember when Dr. Prokupek went to visit my husband in the hospital on a Saturday night from a cellulitis infection.

That man is gone. I don’t know who replaced him. But as long as he backs Dawn and her gaslighting racket, he is never coming back.

Now I’ll wait for my cease and desist letter. If he wants to take us to court, we’re ready. We have nothing but the truth on our side.

Stay tuned for part 3 of the Beverly Hills Dr Prokupek, gone rogue for power and money.

Readers might ask themselves is the good doctor on mind altering substances? If not, why the sudden change of behavior? Does Dawn Rachal, practice reverse racism to keep her job? Tune in next Tuesday to find out.