D.L. Hughley’s Son Thought He Dad Hated Him Because He’s Autistic


    dl hugley son autistic

    D.L Hughley’s son, Kyle Hugley, revealed during an episode of the comedian’s TV One late night talk show that he always thought his dad hated him because he would always joke about his “condition.”

    The son explained:

    “It is challenging—one of the toughest things about it is not being able to tell when people are joking or when people are being sarcastic. There was a time I actually thought – I don’t think I’ve ever told you this – but, there was a time when I thought my father hated me.”

    D.L. was blown away by his son’s words and quickly stated:

    “Let me say this to you: If anything…I was ashamed of having given you something. I was ashamed that when we went to get you tested at UCLA – I was ashamed that they said it came from the – I was ashamed of what I thought I had placed in you.”

    Watch it all go down here:



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