Cosmopolitan Hotel to Issue Meek Mill an Apology


    meek mill cosmopolitan hotel apology

    After getting tossed from the Cosmopolitan hotel in an incident Meek Mill believed was linked to racial profiling, the Las Vegas hotel will now be issuing the rapper a “significant public apology.”

    The hotel will reportedly express regret and take fault in Meek being told to leave the premises last Saturday. The news comes after Meek’s lawyer intended to file a racial discrimination and defamation lawsuit against the hotel.

    Other black celebrities have also contacted Meek’s lawyer, including O.J. Simpson who was kicked out of the hotel in 2017 after they claimed he was intoxicated and unruly. He was also permanently banned from the grounds. And Snoop Dogg also says he was mistreated at the Cosmo.

    After their public apology is made, Meek has no plans to move forward with the lawsuit.


      • Exactamundo!!! @7:35-37 Better yet why don’t they pool their resources and create a bank(ie Jackie Robinson,Freedom National Bank)or major movie studio(ie Oscar Micheaux)sports league..ect I keep saying,most of these current day entertainers/pro athletes,preachers,politicos etc ain’t about too much but themselfs. As long as y’all continue to support that crap,there will be no changes mho #boycott

    1. Wow. Black men fighting to give their money to businesses that don’t want their money…. Yet this same man thinks giving money to his child’s mother is a punk move….. Make it make sense….lol. And he actually thinks he’s won. Lol.

      • Exactly, a MF shouldn’t have to tell you twice they don’t want your $$$.

        Yet these Dumb Nggas will still gladly waste their $ in these racist places/businesses.

        Just like the Dumb Bitch asking if the ban from nucci was over, why the fuck would you want to keep spending $$ with a co…who showed you exactly what they think about you???

        They think you are a Dumb Coon/Monkey and still wanting to buy their Shit after them calling you that through their actions/products, is Proving them Right!

        This is Part of the reason why negroes stay Losing!

        • Compound that the main stream media promotes these clowns,that then gives the perception to the world,all(everyday)black ppl with sense behave like these puppets smh

        • You are pretty blind if you think Negroes stay losing. We have risen and thrived in our enemies land. We negroes have never asked to be equal to anyone. We simply asked for an opportunity. And with that opportunity, we have proven that we are more than equal. Even in our enemies land, with so much hate and obstacles, we rose to the highest position in the land…President.

          Don’t let someone’s opinion of you, become your opinion of yourself. Have you ever seen a lion concern himself with a rat? If White folks were so superior, why would they go through so much to oppose Black people? It’s simply, they know who the chosen people are. We are just to dumb to know and have fallen in love with their only means of control, money! Learn to love yourself.

          • Do you read these boards or other sites?

            Do that and then come back and say how we are doing as a people…

            The greater majority of Blacks Hate themselves and are always looking to be accepted by another MF instead of loving themselves.

            I know who I am and who I belong to, what you don’t know is all of us Aren’t going to make it because we don’t know who we really are and many don’t care.

            Bring your Ass on here and preach to the Clowns who are ALWAYS downgrading Black Women or saying we need to love everyone, when most of them wouldn’t even help their fellow brother or sister…then maybe I will give you some credence…until then, Step the Fuck Off.

            • Haha. Advice: Only use words when they are more beautiful than the silence.

              It seems we live in this comment generation where everyone has an opinion. Only thing is, everyone with an opinion is not qualified to give it. It seems we have now devolved into needing to put others down so we can feel better about ourselves. Very sad and, I am sure, a painful existence. What Meek Mill does with his time and money has nothing to do with you. The saddest part of this is you are concerned about what others think of you. Truth: if you are concerned about someone’s else opinion, you will always be their slave. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery my Brother.

              Be blessed.

              • All You did was describe yourself, Idiot.

                Take Your Own Advice and Shove Your Fake Ass No Cents Up Your Crack.

                I don’t take Blessings from Self- Righteous Dingleberries whose Opinions are Just Like Assholes.

          • You also need to learn how to read.

            I said PART of the reason, which is continually giving our dollars to people who don’t give a Shit about You…

            Which shows how much most of these fools “love themselves”…how about you school people who are making everyone else rich about loving themselves and their own instead of worrying about being accepted into places that obviously don’t want YOU or You $$, Moron.

    2. The owners must be laughing their arses off knowing that he will definately be back to spend a big chunk of change. Lol……the laughing stock of the world.

    3. Think Black Wall Street and their blue print. Think about the Marathon Store put black dollars into that. Support the new up and coming African American designers by placing investments into them. Quincy Jones stated that “To know where you are going, you have to remember where you come from.

      # BOYCOTT # The Marathon Continues #Stand for Something or Fall for Nothingness


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