Corey Feldman: Michael Jackson Was Grooming Me for Sexual Abuse


    corey feldman michael jackson sexual abuse

    Corey Feldman has always insisted he wasn’t one of Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse victims. But the actor is now speaking out against pedophilia in Hollywood and what he describes as the King of Pop’s grooming process.

    Here’s what Corey told Rolling Stone:

    “I watched [“Leaving Neverland” documentary] with my wife and son […] It caused me to have concerns. It’s the standard grooming process that they describe. Everything was similar [to what happened to me] up until the sexual part. Everything. He bought me gifts, a Watchman TV, a gold watch from Disneyland. So was he grooming me and I just never ended up being his pick? Or was that just who he was? That’s the fucking thing. We’ll never know. But I would have been exactly his type. I was cute, short and blond. You know?”


    1. All this time this white little faggot was speaking well of MJ now he changing up. I would FUCK him in his ass in front of his wife while MJ song another part of me playing in the background

    2. The white devils are attacking a dead Michael Jackson while at the same time making money off of his music. The fat mammy Oprah is helping those white devils. Some black people will help white devils destroy their own people in exchange for money. So sad.

      • POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK. Ain’t you the same man that supports R.Kelly getting away with DESTROYING/raping blaxk children for over 30 years..

    3. He is Just being Triggered watching these Money Grubbing Shyster’s Stories…

      There is a difference between being Nice and Actual Grooming. Someone giving you gifts and NEVER doing anything to you or trying to do anything to you does not = GROOMING!

      The Director already admitted their are Holes (BIG GAPING ONES) in these Dudes Stories that Don’t Add Up to the Truth about times/places in Neverland they claimed to have been molested (because the places hadn’t been built yet), so People Need to Stop letting watching this Fake “Doc” Program them into believing Lies…I swear if you repeat something enough most people start believing it’s true… smfh.

    4. You know that is sick to even think but even sicker to say it out loud and tell it to people I mean he sounds like he is mad that Michael didn’t touch him like he wasn’t good enough to get #### these people are really sick in the head I wish Michael didn’t even have kids around him he just had a good heart but to say something like that is beyond messed up in the head well that’s Hollywood for anything for a check I see.

    5. Boi BYE!!!! You have been interviewed a MILLION TIMES since 1993 up until the present day about whether Michael sexually abused you in anyway and you’ve steadfastly said ‘no, he never did anything inappropriate’. You never even eluded to him even attempting to abuse you. NOW, you are claiming he was grooming you for sexual abuse.

      • Yes but you know how that goes Charlie Sheen is a white man so let’s just sweep it under the rug and never talk about it again let’s just put only black people in the head lines and give them labels of monsters.

        • As if it isnt STANDARD in blaxk communities for blaxk men to rape children and NEVER see a day in jail. And if its a black run country it’s near impossible for pedophiles to receive justice. How many adults have to fix a plate for men who abused them when they were children. Black men are no better than white men….that’s OUR DIRTY SECRET, WHICH REALLY ISNT A SECRET…BUT STANDARD PRACTICE.

          • No question black men sexually abuse kids to, THEY DO, but in terms of how the media treat white celeb men versus black celeb men is different. Charlie was accused of raping Corey, Charlie is a woman beater, Charlie is walking around HIV positive, if not full blown AIDS, Charlie is an admitted drug addict and alcoholic, admittedly likes to utilize the services of prostitutes and porn stars. He’s on record verbally attacking the man who cut his check and he could STILL work in Hollywood if he wanted to.

            • That sounds like what most black men in entertainment industry get away with….. CHUCK BERRY ANYONE…..MARVIN GAYE, ETC, ETC… If black men ran this country, R.Kelly would be a good man. Proves that black or white, they are no better than each other. Both get away with heinous crimes.

        • Charlie is Hispanic. He’s not white. He’s playing the game the way the “Powers that be” want him too. Soon as he deviates from the plan they gonna get him

    6. I blame mike for hanging around white kids

      He thoight sleeping with cute little whiteboys was his way of healing the world

      Mike had a dream that he transform from a black man to a transexual albino messiah and let all the whiteboys run a train in his ass

    7. White people always made Michael out to be crazy and yet he loved them so much even had white kids and ended up giving his money right back to them. Best believe they are going to tarnish his name and legacy. In a couple of generations The whole Jackson family is going to end up all white and rich off of Michael🤦🏾‍♀️

      • Meanwhile black people love him to death even though the only time he loved us back was AFTER white people turned on him. But I guess blaxk men can’t do anything wrong…

        • Not every black person loves him or any other black men who do heinous shit…

          I was skeptical for YEARS about mj, but I actually did the research on the case…

          THEY FOUND NOTHING!!!!! If the Crooked ass lapd or federal fbhos can’t find or harass (because that is what they did to the children who ALL denied mj doing anything to them) ONE person to corroborate a bunch of liars stories that solidifies he NEVER touched ANYONE.

          All these current clowns are doing is trying to sully his name so they can win their appeal on their 100 million dollar suit against his estate…same $$ grab as the families of the kids who “claimed” something happened did.

          Again if you repeat something long enough most sheeple believe it…people need to stop letting the media tell you what to think and believe and START thinking for yourselves or your dumbass will be the next one led to slaughter.

          • When you make a deal with the devil…… As a black man your name will ALWAYS BE SULLEN. Whining because the same machine that made him great is the EXACT same machine that will eventually destroy him. When will they ever learn…..

      • I agree 100%! Although Corey is a liar some of this is Michael fault for f**king with the devil. He’s already ruined his name by adopting white children, hell the white man got his money. None of the Jackson’s date or breed black children, the family gene pool is already destroyed.

    8. Funny thing…there were a lot of cute little White kids from the 80s and early 90s…the kids from Family Ties, Growing Pains, even Leo DiCaprio. But somehow, every male in holly weird wanted a piece of Corey Feldman. I know there were a few, like Todd Bridges, who admitted to being molested but he confessed and moved on. Why is it that almost any time there’s a s3x scandal, he always has to add his $0.02?

    9. Yet in most black run countries black men can MARRY CHILDREN. RECENTLY A NIGERIAN POLITICIAN MARRIED A 13 YEAR OLD CHILD. OVER THERE ITS CALLED TRADITION….Black men will proudly tell you that they have been raping children forever. If that was a white politician his career would be over….so what is your point. Do you really think if black men ran America they would be morally superior than the white men that run it now? If your answer is yes, then I have a bridge I want to sell you.

        • And as usual black people hate the TRUTH. Black men are no way morally superior to the so called devil…FACE FACTS. And the facts also state that there was a black devil long before the creation of the white race.

    10. 99% of black men in the entertainment industry must leave their wealth to the white woman’s children, who are bred to rule over blacks. Michael went one better and left his wealth to what is now WHITE PEOPLE. Yet YOU want me to defend this traitor. NOT on my watch.

      • No one gives a shit if you defend him, but the Truth remains he didn’t touch Any children…and who he left his $$ to is his business…

        Shit if you had a crazy ass pops like joe who sold your booty hole for fame you would prob be crazier than a loon too.

        • So you want me to defend a lunatic…then y’all wander why blacks are the laughing stock of the world. Always pointing a finger whilst three are pointing back at them. Lovers of rapist, pedophiles, murderers, gang bangers and lunatics, whilst they scream out for justice. Make it make sense.

          • Learn how to read Jackass…🙄

            I swear some Idiots just want to fight for No Good Got Damn Reason…🤨

          • You sound white.

            The entire world emulates everything black people do. I’m surprised they don’t try to wipe their butt like us. Literally, there are a bunch of countries where dudes cannot get ***** from their own women unless they imitate a black man or pay for it. Then there’s the women that will spend $5000 to fly somewhere and sit on a dusty black man’s ****.

            lol 🤣🤣🤣

            But anyway, white people try to normalize degenerate thinking and behavior while we condemn it. Like racism, sleeping with minors, drug abuse, and more. Black people who support degeneracy are the exception in our community, not the norm.


              • You’re a white person trying to deflect your shit into blacks. You have Roman catholic priests fucking little boys. All those child molesters you have. Elvis fucked underage girls. Let’s talk about NABLA, you have degenerate white men wanting to normalize pedophilia. All those suspect statues with little boys all over Europe.

    11. I was rocking with Feldman when I saw THAT MOVIE starring THE DIRECTOR OF THE X-MEN series and others grooming young white boys……..then when THE COREYS came out you can see Corey Haim was in anguish……Haim even questioned Feldman role in the laisons that Haim had with THESE Hollywood folks. Asked him how come you didn’t save me? Sounds like somebody got something on somebody. And if not they’ll direct it until it looks like it.

    12. That’s another thing people like you do. Do I sound white because I’m not going along with the crazy black male collective in supporting rapists, criminals, pedophiles, lunatics, gang bangers, murderers and women beaters. NOBODY WANTS TO BE BLACK. EVEN THIS MAN YOU ARE DEFENDING DIDNT WANT TO BE BLACK. JUST BECAUSE THEY LOVE OUR MUSIC DOESNT MEAN THEY LOVE US. Just like you may love Chinese food, but that doesn’t mean you want to be Chinese….SMH

    13. If black men ran America, one of the first laws they would pass would be to lower the age of consent to match their brothers in Africa. No longer will they need to hide their dirty secret of thinking it is OK to rape children…EXHIBIT their love and admiration for ALL THE FAMOUS PEDOPHILES LISTED ABOVE, especially R.Kelly.

    14. that’s a attention grabbing headline. when I read that it says to me that mike did all the same things for me but never touched me. So no, it wasn’t to everyone. or he did all thoase trhings for me and never touched me so maybe their lying


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