Chris Brown’s Alleged Rape Accuser Gets Exposed


    chris brown rape accuser

    Guy Dupuy, a pro basketball player and friend of Chris Brown’s, has allegedly exposed the woman who accused the singer of sexual assault in Paris.

    Here’s what Guy had to say:

    “I wanna take the time to let people know they need share this make it go around for my brother @chrisbrownofficial he’s been arrested in my city #PARIS FOR RAPE. THIS WOMEN ON THE PICTURE CALLING HER SELF (Linda ) her real name is (kahoula ) an escort from paris 1) Chris never went to club (cristal) that’s my best friend club they went to the club call (the key) à party call (la Parisienne) 2 )from the other girls that was at the hotel w/ him they also say and confirmed that Chris was never alone with any women’s . People need to stop this !!! repost expose the lie and that women #paris #usa protect our brother … free My bro @chrisbrownofficial ??? hé innocent”

    Chris and two other men arrested in connection with the sexual assault and drug charges have since been released. The singer also plans on suing the alleged victim for defamation.


    1. Chris Brown needs better people around him. This woman went with a group of male strangers back to their hotel suite! His bodyguards probably told her she has to love the crew to get to Chris. The game doesn’t change, only the players. I hope she got her money upfront!

    2. This is prime example of how we need not rush to judgment, especially based on the evil one using devil’s resources to influence your thoughts, manipulate your emotions, push your buttons, make you feel some kinda way, and judge someone unjustly, and maybe lash out at people before they have a chance to defend themselves or lash out at the people defending the innocent, all before we know all of the details. Only our Heavenly Father who knows the complete truth of it all can judge.

    3. ???? Bruh. Bruh.
      WHO is paying HER for p*!?y? Who? Where? Are they paying in Monopoly money? ????? I wouldn’t give this broad a slice of bologna for that.

    4. Remember these ‘Niggas’ put themselves in these situations so what other outcome do they expect? They need to check their egos thinking they can have all of these trashy ass white freaks they want!

      • I don’t blame her or any other woman for doing whatever they can to get theirs…

        Not saying I’m on her side or she shouldn’t pay, but I get it.

        If the world were fair we wouldn’t have any issues since it’s not… Dog will keep eating Dog…

    5. “Chris was never alone with any women’s”. OH MY PEOPLE!!! OH MY PEOPLE!!! There is no room for illiteracy of this gravity. smdh. LOL


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