Chris Brown Arrested On Rape Allegations, T.I. Weighs In


    chris brown arrested rape

    Chris Brown was arrested in Paris, accused of aggravated rape and drug violations, according to CNN. The singer is being held along with two other unidentified people, according to the news source.

    The US Embassy in Paris has declined to comment on the report.

    T.I. has come to Chris’ defense in an Instagram post, and it appears the rapper thinks it’s all a setup…



    1. Consider the following information. In 2015, Prince finally owned his own music. April, 2016, he was murdered. In the 1960’s, Sam Cooke wanted to get together with other black artists and form their own music distribution corporation. He was murdered. Otis Redding wanted to form a music business with James Brown, owning their own music. Otis mysteriously died in a plane crash.

      Owning your own music leads to wealth and power. The three artists I just named were murdered because they wanted to own their own music. The white devils want to keep us enslaved. This is about destroying any black man who attempts to gain wealth, power and independence. Now Chris Brown has been arrested as soon as he owns his own music. This is a high tech lynching. This is new age slavery. We are at war.

      • Bro owning your own business means nothing. Jay z, Dr Dre, Puf daddy are worth millions but they have NO POWER. Only negroes will believe that chucking and jiving to a rhythnm makes you honorable. Those crackers know that entertainers are nothing but rich slaves. No matter how much money they have they are still slaves

      • Don’t forget what happened to MJ when he got the Beatles catalog.…somewhat unrelated his new single is ???????

    2. This is the 2nd rape I’ve heard he was involved in this past year. Only difference is, this girl ain’t taking the hush money like the other one did.

      Rihanna owns her masters too so let’s not turn this into a conspiracy.

      Hold abusive men accountable for their shit! France sure af is.

      • yup she probably came in the room thinking that only Chris would smash but his other homies was waiting to get his nut to. In the hood this shit is common call shawty to the house get her horny and homies comes out the closet to smash. It works 8/10 of the time

      • He ain’t playing Shit…

        He IS getting played and in this case with a known woman beater and attempted murderer… because he choked that Bitch to near death… I could careless.

    3. This situation is bigger than Chris Brown. The white devil’s mission is to destroy potential black wealth. Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, Prince and now Chris Brown; successful black men who had a mission beyond celebrity. Those black men wanted to be billionaire music moguls.
      That is the real reason why these black men are being targeted. Wealth leads to power and power leads to overthrowing and destroying the white power structure. That’s why Amerikkka doesn’t want us to own anything that’s of tremendous value.

      • Shut Up Fool…

        None of those people attained anything that wasn’t handed to them…some were talented and now their creativity is being exploited, but they ALL had to serve the Beast to be known in the first place…when you lie down with Dogs you wake up with fleas…they All knew what the price was and they all paid with their lives.

        You can’t deal with the Devil and expect to come Out Unscathed.

    4. Black men need to becareful in European countries. Them hoes will call the police asap even if they are willingly in your room butt naked.

      • He needs to get out of that country and never perform there again.

        He needs to watch his back.

        He’s done some effed up ish, but I hope this is a wake up call. I hope we don’t lose another one.

        They’re gonna try rape charges, an overdose, a vehicle accident, or a robbery.

        Right now, I don’t actually eff with any of THEIR media except film, but how can we continue to help prop up an industry that’s so clearly exploitative, sick, and evil.

        It’s time for a blackout. It will not be fun, but it’s time to snatch every black dollar and dap from these demons. We ARE the arts. We OWN the arts. We MAKE the industry what it is, and we can end it.

        Don’t support ANYTHING that isn’t explicitly black owned, run, created, and etc.

        Get a subscription to Nigerian streaming sites. Get music direct from artists. Go to independent music venues that will not be paying any whites. Support black journalism, authors, and media companies.


    5. I ain’t Fucking with NOTHING afriKKKant…

      We are NOT them and they are NOT us…and nary one of them tried to claim none of you here so I don’t know why we try to claim them.

      Black People you need to know and Understand who You Really are which is the True Hebrew and NOT some damn afriKKKant who sold us into slavery.

      • The Africans didn’t know our fate until centuries later. The way they treated slaves was totally different than western uncivilized nation.

        • BS…they were a part of the slave trade…

          And Do they claim you now? Fuck No….so miss me with the BS.

        • Fuck that they didn’t know Shit.

          No One sells their OWN, so that should tell you WE are NOT them…

          • The reason why they sold people because they weren’t from their tribe. They didn’t go by skin color because we were all BLACK!!!!!!!!

            • Where did anyone say Anything about skin color Moron… I know they went by tribe Dip Shit…

              That is why I said WE are NOT them.

        • Fuck You Bitch…

          I am NOT white You Fake Hotep SOS …who only sides with bm losers.

          I KNOW who I am Bitch you defend the trash who sold your ancestors and keep being a Fucking Mental Slave You POS Loser.

      • Side note: these little boys and girls are being sold to Europeans (on “holiday”) who colonized the continent, devastated it, left our motherland in condition for pimps to thrive.

      • You act like this is news we know what they do… It still doesn’t take away from the fact we have trash in our own community here who need to be taken care of.

          • What exactly are you going to do about this so called bigger problem?

            Not a Fucking thing!!!! So STFU…

            Besides the Fact it doesn’t mean this Fucking Pedo doesn’t deserve to be dealt with Fool…

    6. Breaking news, no charges will be filed against Chris Brown. he is free to leave Paris. This was definitely a racist set up. #FreeChrisBrown

    7. I’m beginning to think this site is being infiltrated with a lot of white racist pricks and self loathing black ppl who realize they prob will never reach there full potential because of not trying hard enough,so they rant,rave,bicker,troll any one who has a pov with profanity and ignorance.For whitey its a no brainier why they do what they do,for you black brainwash black ppl you really need to get off your azz and DO SOMETHING/ANYTHING ie go to a library,read/buy books on economics,african,black am,world history and share your wisdom with our youth,stop comparing the ent ind to real life, stop believing everything you see/hear on fake news/reality shows.Their are everyday black men& woman who are responsible doing the right thing ..steps off soap box toils on. #boycottthentertainmentindalready


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