Chilli Calls Usher Her Soulmate


    chilli usher soulmate

    Now that Usher is a single man, his ex-girlfriend, Chilli, wants that old thang back!

    She posted this message on her Instagram and tagged the R&B singer.

    After news got around that she was feenin’ for her ex, Chilli changed the caption and untagged Usher.


        • Herpes um…What about the other H…I..V… Chill likes those gay/ bisexual men that are high risk for the package.Surprised no one notices the lesions on R Kelly neck…Lesions on the neck are a clear indication that AIDS may be the culprit….Peopl are so dumb

    1. This Bitch is forever destined to be a beard…smfh.

      Buy a a clue Dummy, he is All about that Dick!!!

    2. Probably just hit her that TLC is done… for real. No more fake reunions because the glue left almost two decades ago. No more reality TV… Netflix was the last stop. No matter what’s going on with Ushers third leg, she knows the owner of that leg is set for life.

    3. Isn’t this the same bitch that said black women should date white men? Now she claims that her and Usher are soulmates. Rozanda is full of shit, self hatred and wants some attention. She knows TLC is done! Chilli has been hit by the wall. She will never get the heavy amount of fame she had in the ninety’s.

    4. Well I heard they have valtrex for herpes……..a pill for HIV NOW when they find a pill for stupid somebody please give her a call!!!!!!!!!!


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