Chicago Police Have More Proof Jussie Smollett Staged Attack


    jussie smollett staged attack

    While the case against Jussie Smollett begins to shift, and many believe the actor may have been framed, the Chicago Police superintendent appeared on Good Morning America to shut all that talk down.

    In the video, he states the two brothers are still cooperating with the police department, and there’s a ton of evidence that hasn’t been released to keep the investigation under wraps. This evidence reportedly points to Jussie being the mastermind behind the crime.


    1. Both Jussie Smollett arrested and R Kelly arrested. Jennifer Lopez performed the Motown Tribute. Finally a black man wore the dress to the Oscars. All of this happened during February, Black History Month. Coincidence? No, intentional? Absolutely! These white people are trying to destroy our melanin and wipe us off the planet. What are we going to do about this?

        • Before I would have said “who cares if someone does that, f them.” But now, not only do I consider it totally irresponsible as a black man or woman, but it’s a form of violence and subjugation.

          Whites are furious when they’re rejected by us. They’re so sick and incredibly stupid that they cannot accept that.

          Reality is that most black people think whites are ugly and lame. The average African wants nothing to do with whites unless they’re poor and there’s no other way to get a green card. Even then, they have their real spouse in Africa and a fake one elsewhere.

    2. Chicago PD = 2. The media/PR machine = 0

      The thing about culture vultures is that they are no different than any other predator. Going after the weak is the easiest and most effective to go all in. Back in the day, the kardashians would be a complete media joke and not a moneymaking empire. Any respectable man would never be seen with any of them, let alone procreate or marry. Respect of self, in numbers, is how strong communities are built.

      If juicy was a grown man, he would realize that Empire is the best thing to happen. Not sure about his recording career but the only other show he had with his 20 siblings about two decades ago are the only things I know about. Not saying he should fry but go away forever.

    3. Puppets like Jamal lying don’t make moves unless told to do so. So yeah I believe he was told to stage that attack a was told that the powers that be will have his back but of course they don’t at the moment give it a lil minute I bet this dude will be staring in his own show by the fall or have a big impact


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