Chicago PD Release Jussie Smollett Incident Report


    jussie smollett police report

    The Chicago Police Department has released the report on Jussie Smollett’s attack that occurred on Jan 29. In the report, the Empire actor stated he initially didn’t want to report his attack, but that someone convinced him to come forward. The name of the person was redacted from the report, but it’s noted that the person was there when officers arrived at his Chicago apartment.


    1. Means nothing to me if they didn’t mention the condition of that sandwich.

      I want to know about this sandwich that was worth an ass whipping.

      • If it came from Subway, hell no that sandwich wasn’t worth it. Fried bologna between two slices of stale bread tastes better than Subway and most of those chain places. Even Togo’s went down in quality.

        I wish it would come out that it was a hook-up gone wrong. He should be lucky because some people find out the hard way they’re dealing with a maniac.

    2. What Subway store do anyone know stays open til 2am? WHITE PRIVILEGE IN FULL EFFECT!!!!!!! All the stores in my neighborhood closes at dusk……..


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