Charlamagne Scalps Wendy Williams’ ‘Ex-Wife’ Kevin Hunter: Donkey of the Day


    kevin hunter kelvin hunter wendy williams charlamagne tha god

    Charlamagne Tha God read Kevin “Kelvin” Hunter his rights during his Donkey of the Day episode. Charlamagne claims Kevin tried to stop his bag numerous times because he believed Charlamagne was trying to hook Kevin’s side piece, Sharina “Nikki” Hudson, up with one of his homeboys.

    Charlamagne calls Kevin Wendy’s “ex-wife” as he drags his whole existence. He also touches on the rumor that Kevin allegedly sexually assaulted a man right after he took a doo doo.

    Peep the video:


    1. Here comes the downward spiral of his LIFE!!!!!!! Couldn’t happened to a nicer guy. Rumor has it that Kelvin has been in some questionable circumstances. I believe Aveon had THOSE encounters with Kelvin because Kelvin used to hang out with the nutty professor and his crew back in da day.

    2. Why is he always reading from the teleprompter,speak from your opinion.makes me think someone is writing for him.

    3. Fuck this video, I still remember Charlemagne the fag saying he was going to suck tekashi 69 faggety ass dick if he beat federal charges knob goblin faggety ass mtfs


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