Charlamagne: Kanye’s Fans Are Hypocrites for Tearing Him Down


    charlamagne tha god kanye hypocrites

    Charlamagne Tha God spoke with Buzzfeed’s Profile and said Kanye’s fans are hypocritical for tearing down the rapper during his time of crisis

    “I think we’re all wack and we’re all hypocrites. I think we all contradict ourselves because we see a guy sitting there, screaming that he may have mental health issues, but everyone wants to cancel him.”

    Charlamagne asked Yeezy’s fans to be more empathetic, saying the rapper “really may be going through some things.”

    “Yo, I think everybody supporting Donald Trump is dealing with some type of mental health issue. I can’t even take anything that he’s saying serious. He’s clearly telling us that something is wrong. So it’s like, why are we putting so much stock in anything that’s coming out of his mouth when he’s telling us something is wrong?”

    You can watch the full episode here:

    Do you agree with Charlamagne? Does Kanye deserve compassion?


    1. Or can it be this is just who the f**k Kanye is? Why is it when one black person who everyone loves goes against the grain there’s something wrong with them? Now Charlamagne I think it’s wack that you rock foundation and eye liner for your photos. Stay out of people’s business ain’t nothing wrong with Kanye, he’s where he wants to be now leave it alone!

    2. He needs to shut the fuck up with his ashy face looking ass. Kanye is a grown ass man who is a millionaire. He can afford to get all the help he needs. Fuck Kanye. After he said what he said about slavery he’s been done. He married that culture vulture hoe and hanging out with Donold trump. Let the whites have him!

    3. Kanye West got his hug from a rich powerful white man (Donald Trump). Most of these black celebrities, boules and prince hall masons want rich, powerful white men to hug them. Halle Berry got a hug (And a dick or two) from white men. They were nice enough o give her a bunch of false idol awards. In conclusion, if you claim Kanye has mental issues because he wants rich white men to hug him, then the boules and prince hall masons have mental issues.

    4. Never been a fan this dude is as stupid and retarded as a black man gets. He has a hoe ass wife with everything on her body fake, he says the dumbest shit ever, he dresses like a homosexual but wants respect


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