Charlamagne Cancels Mental Health Conference With Kanye


    charlamagne kanye mental health

    The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God was supposed to sit on a panel alongside Kanye West to discuss mental health. But the radio DJ has decided to pull out of the event, calling it “a total distraction.”

    Peep his announcement:


    1. In what way is Charm an expert or scholar on this issue so that he feels qualified to host something like this?

      • He’s no where near my favorite person. Like, AT ALL. But you don’t need to be an expert to get some dialogue going about something so important.

    2. Charlemagne speaks a lot of truth, but he goes over board to hurt ppl. If he was having one on one convo, than okay. But please publically, he takes things to far and that’s why nobody likes him. Some of the stuff he does and says is unnesacary and mean, and he only does it to certain types of celebs. He knows who to play it safe with and who he can bully, and that’s what makes him a punk to me. If you gone speak your mind, speak it, to everyone!!! but he holds back on certain stars cause he know they will end his life or career. That makes him a bytch.

    3. I bet my net paycheck alot of the boles and prince hall masons are jealous of Kanye. Most of those sambo negros wish they could get a hug from Trump. Remember the definition of the word boule; servant to the king.

    4. trump fans are the worst they think trump can do no wrong

      stormy daniels has to pay him

      take that bill cosby while you in jail getting hot dog buns thrown at you trump out here winning again.

      no wonder Keisha knight pulliam was crying on the apprentice

      • What is more frustrating is AssClowns like you who keep comparing a dude who paid for sex to a pig who Intentionally Drugged women and Raped them…



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