Cassie Shows Off Her New White Bae


    cassie boyfriend

    Even though Cassie was by Diddy’s side as he grieved his ex Kim Porter’s death, it looks she has officially moved on from him following their alleged October breakup.

    The singer and model posted a picture from a photo booth session. One picture is of Cassie and her mom, and the other picture is her mystery bae.

    Is this an upgrade?


    1. White men forever outclassing us brothas. Pretty sure he is going to marry her and give her a couple of kids.

      • White men fly to Asia, South America, and Africa to abuse children.

        White men are the number one suspects in serial killing, mass shootings, and child abduction.

        White men have spent millennia killing and stealing instead of inventing and progressing. They can’t do anything and don’t have anything, and they literally spend most of their time and money trying to hold everyone else back because they can’t compete.

        White men are admitted cavemen who have more in common with a sewer rat than people.

        • yup whites are creeps. But my point was that in front of society they have class. You wont see a bunch of ratchet white hoes chilling will Tom Brady or peyton manning. White people hide their degenarcy while us black put it out in full display

          • White men started NAMBLA.

            White men post disgusting pornos and look for new ways to be disgusting.

            White men dress up like women and demand to be allowed in women’s bathrooms.

            Gay white men walk around in public naked or nearly naked.

            White men “joke” in public about sleeping with underage girls.

            White men make films and TV shows about serial killing and child abuse.

            White men openly sexually assaulted every race of women in existence for thousands of years. White men still sneak on reservations to attack native women.

            White men started boarding schools and charities all over the world, so they can abuse children.

            Reality TV and the news regularly reveals all their disgusting behavior.

            White men claim their decision to abuse drugs is an “epidemic.”

            White male celebrities openly date and marry teen girls like Seinfeld and Woody Allen. Allen married his adopted daughter.

            Charlie Sheen and other white celebrities are regularly busted for drug use and sleeping with prostitutes. They still remain admired/respected by whites.

            White male actors openly sexualized the Olsen twins when they were teenagers.

        • But arent you the same black women who go on social media to spew the same bullshit about us black men being homesexuals, deadbeat fathers criminals and how you dont need a man (black man) in your life and how we are not marriage material. But i am the one that is wrong smdh

          • Neither me or my husband are on Social Media, i.e., FaceBook, Snap Chat, Twitter ext…..
            Secondly, I don’t care about who black men are sleeping with, be it male or female. I have my own relationship to contend with.
            Thirdly, what does my comment (“NO black man I know would ever say, “White men forever outclassing us brothas”.) have to do with your reply????

            • Well maybe those black men you are around are bottom feeders and they love being clowned by other races of men without fixing their problems. Where i am from we check black men all the time. No crakka will outclass me or my homies

              p. s husband and wife IS NOT a relationship its a covenant !!! (see: bible)

              • Dude, you are mentally unstable, not wired right.
                BTW: You never answered my THIRD QUESTION and I’m guessing it’s because you wanted to distract and get some other unrelated bullshit off your chest. It’s all good, Happy New Year and leave self hatred and or racist hate in 2018.

              • Slaves must obey their masters (see bible) also parents can eat their children, is also in the bible, so what’s your point….SMH.

                • “Slaves obey your master and master RESPECT your slaves” Eating your kids and kids eating their fathers was a punishnent for sin. Thats why in the hood fathers are neglecting their sons. Sons are killing their fathers, and mothers are shoving their newborns in the oven or freezer to die

      • Wouldn’t be surprised if he is because pdiddy sure in the hell is. Some women only seem to like going with gay/bisexual men.



    3. He prolly dont beat her, degrade her, make her get ran train on, and make her watch gay porn b4 sex….sounds like an upgrade.

    4. Diddy should just come out of the closet. Any man is in upgrade from Diddy. I’m not bothered with Cassie dating a white man, she’s not black & Diddy was sucking her life out, so good for her. She can enjoy her suspect, in the closet younger white boyfriend. Can’t be worse than her previous life sucking relationship with the old in the closet ex boyfriend of hers

    5. Congrats……..Now she can really enjoy life!!!!!!!! She must have something really disturbing on puffiness to be let go that easy.

    6. She Got Puffy To ….. Sacrifice Kim Porter !!! Wow !!! ~ She Still Dumped Puffy After The Funeral !!! 100% EviL !!! (see: Illuminati)

    7. Cassie might go back to puff

      Anybidy put up with that for ten years must like it

      Cassue might ne a paon freakl ike most womdn is

      • Anything is possible…when it comes to those people in the industry.

        I do believe she was his sex toy and he was her handler, so they will always be tied together in some way. and he or any dude she fux with could very well be added in that mix.


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