Cassie & Diddy Confirm Break Up, Here’s His New 26-Year-Old Girlfriend


    cassie diddy breakup new girlfriend

    Cassie isn’t pregnant, she’s just been eating her feelings after she and Diddy, finally called it quits.

    Love B Scott was the first to report the breakup, and Cassie’s rep later issued a statement, which reads:

    “They are indeed no longer together and haven’t been for months.”

    I guess that explains why Diddy was bold enough to post a picture of his baby mama with her legs wide open back in September. Anyway…

    Diddy has already moved on with his new Asian boo, 26-year-old model Jocelyn Crawford. According to sources, Diddy isn’t ready to let Cassie go that easily though. And he is reportedly still interested in continuing his 10-year relationship with Cassie despite having other WOMEN in his life.

    diddy girlfriend jocelyn

    Did Diddy downgrade?


    1. Isn’t it amazing that this is news. Puffy in cellblock P has a new bunky. And?
      Are they saying he has conjugal visits with more than one now?

    2. Well she better buckle up and hide the buckle……they can be used in violent encounters. Just saying……..

    3. Upgrade. Even though she’s modeling, her parents probably raised her right. Cassie…uh

      Plus he can make moves in Asia in a different way now.

      But Cassie and her are both skinny, so I don’t see the appeal.

        • Most Asian women aren’t scrawny. There’s way more healthy ones than scrawny. But it’s mainly the anorexic ones in US and Asian media, and scattered around the US.

          And Puff’s other blasian is thick, so…

          But I agree that chasing boy-bodied females is suspect.

          • Blasian exactly half black not full Asian so no surprise she would be thicker and if you talking about Cassie uh she’s not thick at all.

            • I’m talking about the other blasian he’s dating. He has several girlfriends. I was just mentioning her because he doesn’t prefer skinny women.

              Two full-blood Asian women:

              I’m not saying they’re thick like black women. I’m just saying there’s some ones out there built like ?

              • That Bitch isn’t real…there is a tie between asians and latino Bitches on how much surgery they have done when it comes to build-a-rats…

                • ^^There are anomalies in any situation, but thick and asian rarely go in the same sentence.

                • You gotta travel. When I tell you there’s some ones with tha thiiiighs…

                  There’s this dress they like to wear in the fall/winter with cute boots… and the short cute thick brown/tan girls with the thighs ?

    4. Puffy tired of tearing up Cassie’s walls. He probably peed on her a bunch of times. He is moving on to a new naive chick. Cassie is done.

      PS: Cassie has naked pictures on the internet.

        • What I want to know is after all these years w/Puffy, what man would want Cassie now? Very sloppy seconds. I agree that she probably let Puffy pee on her, probably made her eat his booty, etc.

          • Greasy old rich white Euro men would simp her. They’ll even marry her.

            But Puff will keep her on the payroll like the others, and probably still mess with her.

    5. Cassie’s not hot. She looks like a greasy rodent, and I can detect a bad attitude; which is probably why they fight so much.

      She’s also part Filipino, and they’re trashy.

    6. Eh I don’t trust it. Could be a semi pretty Asian male. Asian males don’t have the most masculine features so it’s very easy for Asian transsexuals to blend in and look like women. Pdiddy doesn’t like women anyways

    7. Puff and Cassie ain’t done he doing what he did with kim Porter for years and Puff still phukked all his baby mamas

      Puff likes new playthings and he can afford it


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