Cardi Gives Offset the Middle Finger


    cardi b offset middle finger

    Cardi B performed her song “Bartier Cardi” at Jingle Ball, and when she rapper her husband Offset’s name, she stuck her middle finger in the air.

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    fuck offset ? (follow @cardiclipz if viewing)

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    Cardi has stated she and Offset have split up after he was caught trying to arrange a threesome with model Summer Bunni and Cuban Savage.


    1. PLENTY of women have been cheated on throughout pregnancy and after. She always dogged him out publicly (i.e. cereal addiction, other ‘kid’ stuff) and only bragged about his sexual prowess.
      Typical stereotypes imo.

    2. I”m going to hijack this because I’m tired of seeing untalented, uninteresting manufactured celebs get all the spotlight. Calling out to Crazychris-soon it will be the 2 year anniversary of George Michael’s death. Back when it happened, you made a post about how is it that Boy George, 1 of the biggest crackheads & bj givers in the industry can still be alive. Good question, I want to know too. Please elaborate on that. How is it that Boy George is still around? I don’t think he was just joking when he said he slept w/Prince. Prince & George both died in 2016.

      • prince, boy George, and George Michael served the lgbt agenda odd that gm was never announced to having aids when he had gay lovers who died with it.

        prince was very feminine rick james talked like he hated him saying he used to kick his ass every night I think rick was really saying he used to smash his little ass every night.

        how can rick long braid hooker boot wearing ass call anybody feminine looking with his drag queen prostitute looking ass

        guess boy George number hasn’t come yet.

        • Thing is, come to later find out that Rick may have had a thing for trannies. And yes, Rick talked a lot of shit. But he was 1 of the few ppl who could check Prince’s ass. I loved when he told the story of how he forced liquor down his throat & Prince spit it out like a lil bitch, lol. Only to end up being addicted to cocaine. 🙁

        • Rick James didn’t like Prince because he claims Prince jacked his idea for a girls group i.e. Vanity 6. Rick’s Mary Jane Girls were actually more talented but V6s association with Prince garnered them (and Prince) more pop/cross over success. Rick was so high toward the end of his career I doubt he remembers most things correct…ACCEPT his disdain for Prince.

          • Mary Jane girls only Joann McDuffie was singing and actually sang in the studio

            Vanity and apillonia were one hit wonders musically they fell off when prince dumped both of them

            Rick said he was into sex magic ain’t no telling what freaky things him send prince was into yeah I believe they were secret lovers Rick was too.obsessed

            I know bullying us a way for do.homis their emotions without being gay

      • His whole career is a scandal. White people put him up there because he’s a disgrace. Hopefully his homophobia gets him cancelled. Hopefully Haddish pisses off whites too, so we can get rid of her.

      • LMBO “porn stars” they act like alley cats to me..
        You’re is a much better description of their marriage..

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