Cardi B’s Sister Drags Nicki Minaj & Her ‘Rapist’ Brother


    cardi b hennessy nicki minaj fight

    Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy, fueled the ongoing beef between the two rappers when one of Nicki Minaj’s fans tried to come at her on Instagram.

    Hennessy’s response took a shot at Nicki for bailing out her brother after he was accused of raping an 11-year-old girl. He was later convicted of the crime.


    1. I bet Hennessey isn’t her real name. Cardi B whole family are hoodrats. Such an embarrassment to Dominicans.

    2. This is so sad and aggravating. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got paid to do all this dumb shit.

    3. Just because some females think they know black lifestyles doesn’t mean they do!
      They can incorporate it, sing it, finesse it – whatever – they are not black Americans unless their lineage is here in America through slavery! That’s why these folks be having slip-ups and saying offensive shi# because they have no history in place about what it means to be black in America!

      • So because they’re not from America they don’t get discriminated against? Anybody that has dark skin gets discriminated against regardless of where they come from even in their own country! Don’t like what the dictator did to the Haitians tho.

    4. Anonymous@10:09 I agree with you on this being a paid stunt. You can’t trust these people. They’re playing the General public like fools. Don’t buy into it.

    5. Where is ICE when you need them?

      All these non black americans including nicki…need to be deported…just a clutter of trash.

    6. That’s cray cray these 3rd world country people African/ slavery have more AFRICAN slavery in their blood then black Americans. They were dropped off in places like Dominican Republic and in Puerto Rico. On their way to the US.

      • That’s true black Americans, West Indians And South Americans are descendents of African slaves. West Indians include, Puerto Rican’s Dominicans and Cubans.

        • That is not what they said…they said they have more african in them than us… you both are wrong.

          We are not afriKKKant anything, we are the Most High’s Chosen …afriKKKants sold us into slavery.


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