Cardi B’s Makeup Artist Airs Her Out!


    cardi b makeup artist

    Cardi B’s former makeup artist says the rapper called her a “b***h” and kicked her out without paying her for her services!

    Here are some clips from the woman who’s in tears as she recalls the event:

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    I’m so sorry this happened to you @mua_blacswan ?

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    @mua_blacswan ?

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    1. Yeah, Cardi only has that energy for black women. There’s history of her pigeonry.

      I bet she probably fought those strippers Offset cheated with because they’re black. Are they black?

      Btw Let the record show, boobs look better with color. Even white people don’t wanna look at themselves butt naked unless they’re spray painted. ?

    2. I’m so sick of hearing about Nicki and cardi like there’s nothing else better to talk about? The bitch did u like that and yo ain’t go upside her head now u crying?!! Wtf? she human just like everybody else and it wasn’t nothing between y’all but make up? Fuck make up that bitch would of needed surgery after I stomp the make up off her dick sucking face. Are we living in the real life twilight zone in 2018? Is this hooker gone wish everybody to the dam cornfield? Do this troll doll looking dimwit own all the railroads? Landed on chance got a get out of jail free card bought Broadway and park place with 3 hotels on each one and everybody scared of this mush mouth retarded “YOU ain’t shit without yo homegirls” ass bozo the clown ass bitch? Is this a game?This is Unbelievable I’m done.

            • I made it very clear sir or lady at least I thought I did. I don’t no u so I won’t call u anything disrespectful. We all have our opinions and mine is i just dont care for cardi b. Her music trash she a ratchet ex stripper slash prostitute and i have witness young girls 4 and 5 years old looking up to her. Im just saying people shouldnt treat other people this way.Have a blessed day.

      • It’s okay…you won’t hear about them much longer because the music companies are looking for replacements that are younger and willing to do anything to get put on.

        Just blink and Cardi or Nick will be joining MC Hammer, Young MC and JJ Fad on the hip-hop oldies tour real soon. They want Lil Kim’s career so bad but neither of the two is close. Real goals would be Queen Latifah but that doesn’t look to be their reality either.

        But remember that though. Oldies tour sponsored by MD, Newport smokes, and Sunny Delight coming to banquet hall or county fair near you.

    3. This woman is psycho. It ain’t that deep and
      Cardi B should not be that important to her. It’s ridiculous.

    4. What else do you expect from a chick that is fake and lies about everything. She’s very hateful and one day karma is going to bite her in the you know what.

    5. Cardi said in an interview early in her career she didn’t get along with her mother growing up. Most women who don’t get along with other women have mommy issues.

    6. I would have made that non talking retarded ass bitch a customer @ somebody body funeral home & i would have gotten my damn money from that non rapping bitch can’t stand her no talent ass

    7. I could never work for a celebrity. I have anger issues and some of those motherfuckers think they gods and can just treat people like shit. I’d end up on the news stomping her df out and then they see my ass for money I don’t have nah I’m good!

    8. This rapper is trashy and sounds like she’s calling people to war in concert – hollering a military cadence. She’s been chosen to perform this mess. When they are done with her she will be done.


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