Cardi B: I Get Plastic Surgery Because I Don’t Have Time to Workout Like Y’all!


    cardi b plastic surgery

    In an interview with Complex magazine, Cardi B addressed her recent show cancellations due to complications with her plastic surgery procedures.

    And for the haters, Cardi had this to say:

    “I do whatever the f**k I want to do with my body. […] I don’t have the time of day like you do. My job as an entertainer is a 24-hour job, bro. So no I don’t have time to work out. I wanted specific things that I know that no matter how much I work out won’t get fixed.”

    Cardi recently got her breast redone and she also got liposuction. She said her boobs are slow to heal because she “still got stitches in the inside—in.”

    Cardi missed out on millions of dollars because of the show cancellations. She said she was upset that she couldn’t perform because she’s a “money addict.”


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      • I’m from Harlem NYC and African Americans and Hispanics get along very well because we are treated the same by racist whites and the NYPD. So because of that puerto Rician’s and Dominicans say it in NYC and it’s not an issue. However I do understand your point of view. A lot of stuff you post makes sense.

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        • @Teetee…I’m not sure about Dominicans. They think they’re white Spaniards. Sami Souza isn’t a one off case, majority of them are on that

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      • True. She’s just living up to the fact that Latinos are lazy. Lots of performers hit the gym. JLo works out. But I guess when I know you’re an ugly, catfish smelling pussy ho who won’t be relevant in 5 years, you get as much surgery as you can while u still have the money


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