Cardi B: ‘Our Country Is In A Hell Hole’


    cardi b government shutdown

    Cardi B isn’t here for the government shutdown or Donald Trump’s need for a southern border wall. The “Money” rapper went on an Instagram rant to say “our country is in a hell hole” and calling for an end to the shutdown. She also showed sympathy towards government workers who haven’t gotten paid.


    1. This non black bitch is using her horrible songs to put little black girls in a mental hell hole!

    2. Well maybe since he has a good rapport with strippers and the like…….these would be insightful words that would melt his heart!!!!!!!!! Look at this rate anything will do……… YOU’RE A MEAN MR. GRINCH!!!!!!!!

      • before the 60s, no such thing as a hispanic….these ppl are just many races mix together that speak a language call spanish yet they think they the shit stealing carribean music, culture and even the type of food but have respect….they are more racist than the white man who told them that they were better thats why i cant stand that ugly spic name after puerto rican rum

        • before the 60s, no such thing as a hispanic….these ppl are just many races mix together that speak a language call spanish yet they think they the shit stealing carribean music, culture and even the type of food but do not respect black folk….they are more racist than the white man who told them that they were better thats why i cant stand that ugly spic name after puerto rican rum

        • White people see them as cum buckets and servants. Whites love to fly to their countries and knock them up with ugly children or give them diseases. They know these people will jump at the chance to bend over. That’s why whites glorify their shitty “culture” and countries. Whites love to gas them up because they are completely colonized and culture-less.

    3. The US is not a hellhole. If that’s the case, what are countries that people are fleeing from to the US called? Trump is only doing what he said he would do which is to build a wall. Good or bad, he’s trying to follow through.
      I think that everyone who is opposed to the wall being constructed should open up their homes to hosts these illegal immigrants. I wonder how many people would sign up?

      • You Idiots do know the current US population is not replenishing itself, meaning there aren’t enough people to keep us going over time…so we do need people to come over and fill in where we are lacking in order to just maintain our workforce.

        Instead of complaining about people coming here, which they are going to do anyway and STILL get in even with a wall…what you need to be worried about is putting funding toward reducing the recidivism rate and finding ways to help those who aren’t currently in the workforce get in it…i.e helping the homeless, poverty stricken, under-educated, formerly incarcerated.

        If you haven’t heard we just had a wave pf people tunnel under a “wall” recently and no new wall will ever be able to stop that, so get over it.

        • This is idiotic. You don’t replace your population with another one if you’re in decline, that only leads to you being phased out. What you do is, stop frightening little children into not having kids. Stop demonizing stay at home moms. Stop attacking nuclear families. Everything in education today is designed to frighten kids away from ever being mothers and father’s. Which is it, are there too many people or is our population in decline?

          Y’all better wake the fuck up, if you think these ILLEGALS are after your best interests, you got a rude awakening coming. Ask the black communities in Southern Cali getting raised the fuck outta there right now by MS-13. But you won’t hear about that on Stephen Colbert tho.

          • The elites don’t give a Fuck about ANY of YOU…they want the pop to stay low or be exterminated all they want is a slave workforce anyway.

            They have been wiping the Black Community Out through various genocide tactics…oh no wait people like you are Too Stupid to see that…

            And krakkas are a dying breed, so who else is there? Think about Dip Shit.

            No one said they care about anyone’s best interests, but the reality is they are coming and there ain’t Shit You or this Dumb Shit of a prez can do about it.

            In the end none of it matters, because the world is coming to an end sooner than most of you Fools think…so instead of worrying about them you better be ready for the Second Coming.

          • People are having less kids because the economy is shit. And white people can’t get knocked up because white women sleep around and have multiple abortions (and they’re albinos).

            Mexican illegals contribute absolutely nothing to this country except MORE PROBLEMS. MORE CRIME. MORE POVERTY. MORE RACISM. MORE VIOLENCE. MORE IGNORANCE.

            And they’re not sexy.

            I’m not celebrating Chinese illegals, but generally they STFU, run their restaurant, and raise their kids to be doctors. How many Americans are in med school?

            Get rid of the Mexicans and Indians. They’re basically slaves.

    4. What pisses me off is that hollywod hires a stupid non black chick to become a rapper. They promote this chick to black girls and they fall for the trick. Anybody with two eyes and half a brain can see that Cardi B ain’t black. Unfortunately millions of little black girls know her music but don’t know how to read and write English. The white man’s trick worked; they’re making the money moves and black girls are making potential stripper and hooker moves.

      • Barcardi rum is black. Thats the thing. Most dominicans are half breeds who think they are better than their own black side because the white man thought them this. Self hate is world wide thanks to the white man telling the would that jesus is white ect etc …u know the rest

        • No need to try to Claim Trash that Only wants to Claim Black when it suits them & to be close to Black Dick…she can go sit on a dildo and Fuck herself and the Donkey she rode in on…Oh wait she is the Donkey in this situation.

    5. Black women I have a question. When Jennifer Lopez said the N word, you ladies let her have it. Nice. When Cardi B says the N word, you all ain’t saying shit. When Ice-T’s ex bitch Darlene Ortiz says the N word, you all don’t do shit. Why the hypocrisy?

      • LMAO are YOU NOT Black?

        What the Fuck are YOU Doing to Combat any of this Shit…You Fucking Hypocrite.

        Get Off YOU ASS and DO SOMETHING…You Punk Ass BITCH.

      • Because Barcardi rum hates black woman but loves to suck black dick that the black women can procrate. She’s constantly calling black women roaches when she looks like shit. This bitch has no talent whatsoever. all this mix ugly bitch so is straight steals the black mans whole swagger from the way he ryme which is sad…..this is pure propaganda to move a white bitch right on through.

    6. the powers pushes her dumb ass music on the radio station all day long. everytime the bitch comes on I turn of the radio. 103.5 the beat probably gets paid to push this dumb shit through along with the mummble incoherant nonsense to fuck up the black culture.but the shit cant and wont work because hip hop started in the streets


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