Cardi B Misses Offset’s ‘Big, Fat, Black, Heavy’ D**k!


    cardi b offset sex

    Cardi B got on Instagram Live and shared just how much she misses Offset’s package. The rapper even said she might “relapse” just so his d**k can “destroy” and “demolish” her insides again.

    Hit the play button:


    1. There is a such thing as keeping things to yourself. She lost her man because he was slinging his peen in different directions. Now, she’s advertising how big his peen is? Don’t give these thots anymore ammunition!

    2. TMI….With so many things coming back in style,I can’t wait till loyalty and morality become new trends again smh

    3. I didn’t watch the video & I doubt if I will. All this seems like a publicity stunt. All this to stay “relevant”, your talent can’t sustain you? So she misses his pecker; not his smile, his touch, his voice, just his member. True love indeed….(Rolls eyes).

      • Jackie Who…Like the rest of the current day entertainers,they have to substitute buffoonery,t&a,bs,etc for hard work,skill set,morals,talent…Off topic today is the earthday of Maurice White the spiritual-musical leader of the greatest band ever(mho)Earth Wind&Fire,if you want to experience the aforementioned,youtube ew&f playlist

      • This dumb chic is reinforcing negative stereotypes frm slave days,If we read a black history book(or 2)we would of called her and her kind out long time ago,time will tell if we wake da hell up..Off topic today is earthday of the Maurice White musical & spiritual leader of the greatest band ever(mho) Earth Wind&Fire.he’s prob turning ova in his grave at the state of today’s music/world

    4. All y’all women shared a big black dick before and the more women he fuck the more you want that big dick

      • lmao women love community dick. Alot of womem will openly talk about how they slept with this womans man like its something to be proud of. I remember in high school my buddy fu*ked all his girlfriends friends and they all rubbed it in her face

      • Them fat, ratchet, desperate and or low self esteem woman done falsely pumped y’all head up? If y’all only knew the truth ??‍♀️ Smh…

        This must be how hookers, hoes, groupies and stripppers be coming up. Because if you really think……and I’m gone leave it right there???

    5. I guess nobody makes LOVE no more!!!!!!!!!!! Its just WAM and BAM………….NO THANKS…….MAN!!!!!!!

      • Who I feel most sorry for are the parents who don’t have a village behind them. Finding responsible people who can help steer the youth from the corruption and filth (even though it’s always been there, this is proof it has reached a new low) in the media is a job by itself.

        The wrong ears can interpret this as a real asset to look for in a male. Although it’s obvious Cardi does not care about how she comes off, there are still many impressionable minds out there that will let their curiosity get the best of them. Back in the day messing community peen/pu$$y was a discreet matter. Now, people are marrying or procreating with jump-offs and years later, wondering why their life is a living hell.

    6. I wonder what her mom thinks about this………unless her mom knows her history!!!!!!!! She’s playing the stereotype of THE HOT LATINA……..I wonder how much of her soul did she had to sell to sell this?

    7. Why is it so important to black men like you so desperately want black woman to be jealous of other race woman? I see this consistently on these boards. And I feel like I missed something .

      Did they do something to us that I missed, I ain’t been watching tv. Like did they all get together and say they hate black woman or something, I’m so confused.

      What is the obsession with y’all wanting us to hate them? Lol ??‍♀️ Cause I’m not dumping none of my Spanish and white homegirls over no niggaz. I been knowing them since elementary school, I love them. ?

    8. Hi Cardi,
      Can you point me in the direction of that big fat dick? I’m coming for your man!

      Thank you in advance,
      Dick hunter

    9. No, ninja, that’s white women. Seriously.

      And they go raw. They use abortions like birth control. It’s a major reason they can’t get pregnant when they settle down.

      • Fucked so much bl@ck women with my homies that shits getting old. Black latinas are worse when it comes to hoeness. Down at the bronx and brooklyn them spanish hoes get ran thru by some grimmy niggas

    10. I spoke with an assistant at my ,now grown, kids old elementary school and what she said about the youngster now was crazy. The little girls talk about sex and giving head while the little boys robbing and gangbanging in disturbing numbers. Practically the whole dam school. “ELEMENTARY”!!!. I wonder how many little girls done already saw this video. Smh.

    11. I do remember when Bodak Yellow first came out……..and it was shot in Dubai. Cardi B was dropping little hints about her stay in Dubai. It was early in the morning and she looked like she had a long and rough night. Maybe that’s when she got PUT ON or sh*tted on!!!!!!!!!!!! Then she said something to the effect of her people not looking out for her. It was sad

      • No it wasn’t…she willing let them do that shit (literally) to her, because she wanted to be put on soooo bad…she got what she wanted now she is a dead inside puppet like the rest.

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