Cardi B Makes over $1 Million In 24 Hours Thanks to Fashion Nova


    cardi b fashion nova 1 million

    Cardi B is making it rain, thanks to her new Fashion Nova spring collection that raked in over $1 million in the first 24 hours it was launched.

    Her “Season 2” collection is outperforming her first collab with the Insta-fashion house. And even though they produced “nearly 5 times the amount of inventory as the first go-round,” the inventory is getting scooped up faster than they imagined.

    Even NASDAQ gave the rapper a shoutout.

    You can shop what’s left of her collection here.


    1. HSK, let’s start having better topics, ok? I could care less about Cardi B & the like. Please start having more articles on old school entertainers, ppl who actually have/had talent & charisma. Old school tea is the best! Why not thrown in more conspiracy tea as well..just step it up some please & bring it like you used to.


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