Cardi B: I Spend $300K A Month On Bills


    cardi b bills

    Cardi B went on an Instagram rant over her followers who complain about the way she and other artists spend their money. Cardi made it known that a huge chunk of all of her income goes to taxes, she takes care of her family, and she spends at least $250K-$300K on bills every single month!

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    #CardiB’s bills are 300k a month ??? #thatsballer

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    Be careful before you go broke, Cardi!


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    1. People Who Can’t Make Enough Money To Feed Their Whole Family !!! (see: above and below comments) P.s. Learn The Meaning Of …. Bread Winner !!!

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    6. Why did she have to broadcast this? Nobody believes in keeping shit on the low anymore. Business just all out in the open. Ridiculous!


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