Cardi B Dumps Offset?


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    Cardi B announced on her Instagram that things in her marriage weren’t going as planned, and she and Offset were going their separate ways a little over a year after tying the knot.

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    There you go..peace and love

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    Some people aren’t sure if this is just a publicity stunt or if Cardi is dead serious. News of their alleged breakup comes shortly after rumors broke that Offset was trying to cheat on Cardi AGAIN…This time, he was busted after one of rapper Cuban Doll’s friends exposed Offset for trying to arrange a threesome with her.

    offset cuban doll

    offset cuban doll cheating

    Ironically enough, Cuban Doll was supposed to perform at Cardi B’s Fashion Nova event in early November, but Cardi dropped her from the lineup at the last minute.

    Some people think this is all a joke because after Cardi made the announcement, Offset revealed he has new music dropping.

    What do you think? Is it a publicity ploy?


    1. Oh my……that was quick!!!!!!!!! GRAND OPENING………GRAND CLOSING!!!!!!!!! I can’t with these folks.

    2. I think Dwight Howard is going to have NBA Is Fixed blood sacrificed because of his alleged threesome with Hank Baskett and a ladyboy. I’m very concerned about NBA Is Fixed but I am comforted in the fact that his parents basement is well secured.

    3. They never were really in love that nigga looks like the predator anyways. Shit now this site will stop posting shit about me I’m proud to say I’ve still never heard any of there music!!!

      • I’ve never heard any other their music either, not interested. They look like unattractive, ghetto trash. I’d rather see gossip on old school, classy ppl. No one should care what these ghetto dwellers do. Oh & they are UGLY! 😛

    4. Its kina messed up what the current gen of entertainers(& the inds)has done to their paying fans,selling them short with watered dwn,autotuned,same sounding,rehashed frm the 70’s 80’s music,movies.Add degrading reality tv…etc.Big stage dance production concerts now take the place of real talent&showmanship smh


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