Cardi B Buys Her Mom a Mansion


    cardi b buys mom house

    Cardi B just bought her mom a new home in New York, and she gave her followers a tour of the new crib!


    1. Mansions cost more than 600K. And that house is average size.

      There’s CPAs that own homes like that, or several.

      But congrats to all involved. They seem happy.

    2. You could buy a home for $600k in NY? Is this in upstate NY? Homes in the city are 1mil and up. Seriously, where are there 600k homes in the city?

    3. In the video she said the first home that she bought her mom was $600,000 and she said it was crap. She said now she was able to spend more. So this home is obviously a few million. The writer for this site is always slacking.

      • Thanks for the clarification. She probably bought the first home from her mom in foreclosure perhaps? May have been a fixer upper. She could take that home and make it a palace, flip it and sell it since momma got a new home.

    4. Sht, there are homes in the Bay Area, specifically the flat lands, not the hills but the flats in Oakland worth more than 600K.

    5. A cross and baphomet…….same thing. One was used to kill JESUS and the other….well you know the rest.

    6. What I say, it is a beautiful house and doesn’t everyone struggling want this for their mom???

      I remember when an up coming celebrity, (cough cough cough, Bruno,) got his big break and bought his mom a house…a few months later she was found dead.

      It’s sad to say that she would have been safer in the Bronx than somewhere up state all sucluded and ducked off, smh.
      But hey,, congrats! I guess…


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