Cardi B and Offset Vacation Together


    cardi b offset vacation 1

    All that begging and pleading paid off because Cardi B was spotted on vacation with Offset in Puerto Rico.

    TMZ posted the picture of the twosome on a jet ski, with Cardi on the back of the watercraft looking giddy AF. I guess she couldn’t wait another second to hop back on that “big, fat, black, heavy” d**k she was feenin’ for!

    Are you surprised?


    1. Some say he’s possessive, controls her life. Some say she’s really not in love with him, just likes the sex. Maybe she is controlling (gave up a tour to watch her man) and he is into the sex only.

      • All those industry puppets have a handler.

        You see how quick everyone was trying to get her back in line.

    2. It doesn’t matter if it was all a publicity stunt or not.

      She locked herself to him as soon as she let him impregnate her.

      Where is the Bermuda Triangle when you need it!

    3. She’s a fucking idiot that didn’t need to be famous. The sad yet funny part is she thinks she got something ???‍♀️

    4. So she really took him back? I thought she was quick to cut a nigga off? Now, he’ll be even more careful when he cheats!

    5. This broads self esteem is as low as a Kardashian broad. Not to mention marrying stank stank ugly niggard these broads got that bad

      • Explain this? Or are you just trolling? I cannot fathom why you would think a black woman is jealous of a female that was cheated on, made a laughingstock because she’s supposedly this bad Bish that a man would not cheat on! Explain?

    6. Honey her backside down the back of her thighs look like wrinklely crepe paper…..old white women wrinklely style!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead of wanting dick she should start wanting EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. How many y’all women wish offset was in y’all guts right now doing damage lol

      Y’all.mad cardi got that fire dick lol

      Offset got the hottest chick in the game since beyonce

    8. I’ll pray for Baby Kulture. Hoping her parents dysfunctional isht doesn’t ruin her chances in life.


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