Cardi B Allegedly Suffers a Seizure


    cardi b seizure

    Sources are reporting that Cardi B canceled performances for the next two weeks. A since-deleted tweet states the rapper suffered a seizure, but her team has yet to make a statement.

    Migos also canceled their performance at the Tacoma Dome for their “Aubrey and the Three Migos” tour. It’s reported that the trio canceled so that Offset could be by his wife’s side.

    cardi b seizure concert


    1. Hope she calms down after this health scare. You are getting money and fame. Dont throw it away for petty beef.

    2. Ummmmm. I’ve seen people have seizures, take a nap and keep it moving… Cardi better stop playing with them record exces money. She stopped two concerts, don’t be surprised if they do her like they did Aaliyah, Whitney, Left Eye, Michael, fast and furious guy…the one thing all them ppl had in common was they ain’t want to work or go on concerts.

      • Why do these people do drugs & NOT GET 25 YEARS TO LIFE IN PRISON?????????‼️‼️‼️ THE “SYSTEM” IS SHIT???‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    3. My prayers are all for Cardi B. It’s not about the fame and the money. It’s about her health and getting better for her daughter and her family. People should lift her up in prayer and stop judging her for her mistakes. We all have to pray for her to get better. My prayers are with you Cardi B. God bless you to get better soon.

    4. Fuck cardio she’s not black she’s dragging black folks down hijacked the culture and dumbi g down our children don’t pray for these celebs pray for people who really need it

      • She is too black. Jesus, read a history book. Read Sex and Race by JA Rogers. African blood coursing all through Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. Dumb mofos. Don’t let black pride make you sound stupid.

        • First off whose history is it?

          Second how many different tribes are on that continent? And do any of them out right claim blacks in the americas?

          Not all of us are from the same tribe so you don’t know who belongs to what group. Just because many of us have hue does not mean we come from the same people.

    5. She has to answer to God. All the negativity and demonicness she possesses will come to an end because the industry is corrupt so it’s just a matter of time before they do away with the nonsense.

    6. Again typical symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in adults. Also she seems to be a damaged and immature woman who doesn’t realize what she’s signed up for.

    7. Cardi b = light Azaelia Banks thats why color struck fools love and worship her while downing Azaelia

    8. she probably didn’t have one.but now they will zap her brain some more, and more drugs.she will be a good girl/boy now.

    9. Cardi is ruining her career slowly but surely. I get the PRESSURE she’s under however that’s what you signed up for. If she had a seizure I hope she gets better soon… Before the world looks the other way. People in show biz don’t have time for this shit.


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