Cardi B Admits To Getting Her Boobs Done, But What About Them Abs?


    cardi b fake abs

    Cardi B walked down the red carpet at the Billboard Awards and confessed to Entertainment Tonight that she got her boobs redone after giving birth to her daughter, Kulture.

    “I just got my boobs redone […] I feel good, but then sometimes I feel like not, you know? [When] your skin is stretched out.”

    What she failed to address is her stomach area, which looked a little…different.

    What do you think? Did Cardi get some lipo to define her abs?


    1. Shit looks awful! Bitch look like she swallowed an alligator. Tried to hide how bad it really looks with makeup. Sorry not sorry Retarte B!

    2. Cardi B says the N word more times than Jennifer Lopez. What do black woman do? They say the N word along with her. Why?

      • Shut Your Stupid Ass Up Clown…

        Worried about who says nig…but Not about Black Women and Children being Raped by Black MEN…

        FOH You Fucking POS Hypocrite.

      • Well a black man married her and gave her a baby and sleep with her all while she says the n word.. Kinda a bigger deal

    3. She also admitted to putting cement in her Ass …those illegal injections…her Ass was leaking and although she claimed she almost died she was planning to go back for more before the person was arrested, because another person did die from the injections.

    4. Cardi B mocked the legacy of Coretta Scott King. Black women didn’t do shit. These same black women will protest against R Kelly, and say the N word along with Cardi B. I just don’t get it.

      • Neither did YOUR Faggot Ass or Any Other male…

        No one Cuts for this Bitch You Ignorant POS…So STFU ASSHOLE!

    5. She’s disgusting even by Hispanic standards. Yet you have black men saying she’s cute. Why do black men put non black women who aren’t desired by their own men on a pedestal? This new Yesjulz chick who has just appeared from nowhere, why isn’t she getting attention from white media and celebrities? Yet she comes around us black people and she already knows niggaz wanna fuck her and black women want to be her

      • Speak for yourself as far as wanting to be her…she has Nothing and IS Nothing no different than a kartrashian because everything they do have is bought and put on display like a cheap pair of falling apart shoes.

        All the surgery in the world can’t give these Humpty Dumpty Hos class, style or understanding on womanhood…and age will further show their lumps, bumps, cracks & flaws.

        • @Anon06:53 don’t just get roused up by my comment. It’s not specific to you or anyone individually, it’s a general comment on how we give undesirables from other races a platform only for them to shit on us when they’re finally getting white recognition because that’s who they really want to be.

          • Again who is we?

            Like I said speak for yourself in All that ish… because you don’t speak for us All…

            FYI, just because these puppets are who the Elite choose to highlight does Not mean we All support or are Down for their shenanigans…🧐

          • Black ppl need to boycott the entire entertainment industry jst like they should boycott 2020 election too.That would show some unity and take money out the powers that be pockets,only then mho will they start to take us seriously,till then read study love self

            • @anon20:46 true. It shouldn’t be allowed for these disrespectful Hispanics to use us as their come up when they hate us just as much as the white people they want to be. Boycott all these coons and bed wenches who sell out just for access to interracial sex

      • Because black men will f*ck a potpie if the crust aint to dark..most self hating people on the planet is a black man

    6. Something about the chocolate peanut butter combo makes you want to sing way too hard and do too many runs like Jagged Edge

    7. When your abs of steel don’t match your untoned arms and legs…can someone say airbrushed lipo bruises??? Smh🙄

      • Hahaha I was thinking look at her uner toned arms and thighs the only muscular part is her stomach yes some people don’t know what all these surgeons are capable of

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