Brandy Gets Exposed for Lip Synching After Falling On Stage


    brandy falls off stage

    Brandy was performing a rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” when she fell and was exposed for lip-synching!

    Here’s the clip:


    1. That’s not a secret. Usher is like the only performer with the cardio and vocals to dance hard and still sing the whole show. Most people know they’re paying for a live music video.

      But you can always go see K. Michelle.

    2. The 90’s are over. Brandy, TLC and En Vogue are old and played out. They will never have another hit record again.

      • the 90s were the best…kut klose, swv, hi five, troop, boyz 2 men… now r and b is just repackaged hip hop or pop music smdh

      • No trust me Brandy is very attractive. Go check out the Youtube video with her and Cari Champion. It’s her pretty boy punk brother who i can’t stand. Trying to hang with drug dealer rappers. Identity crisis.

    3. Whitney pushed her a$$ down. Hey Brandy, how about telling the truth about what’s in the note Whitney gave u.

    4. Janet Jackson is a lip-synching fool too! When I saw her 20 years ago the only things she didn’t lip synch were “Hello!” and “Goodnight!”.

      • The difference is janet has pretty much always worn a headset…she doesn’t fuck with a mic, like this Idiot.

        The fall was funny as fuck tho…she really needs to sit her old ass down somewhere, she was winded the whole time.

    5. some of you are soooo bitter.

      If your’e a true Brandy Fan you know she can SAAANNGGG and is constantly sanging her ARSE OFF on her IG page with Auntie Jennifer.

      Stay pressed, non-talented bishes.

      • They’re still around. They’re just not topping the charts.

        White people have intentionally dumbed down mainstream music.

    6. Any everyday MTF can tell she wasn’t singing at about 5 seconds she wasn’t singing any of the ducking words on point

    7. Her stylist needs to be fired first off. Second off I hope she’s not on drugs looks like it though.


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