Boosie Has a Message for Women Who Use Filters


    boosie girls filters

    Boosie has had it up to HERE with girls who insist on using filters on every picture.

    Listen to this funny AF rant:


    1. I agree. I tried to hook up with a few shorties over snapchat When i seen them in person, let just say I had to put a bag over their heads while hitting it. Most are much darker in person and have nasty skin and stained teeth and are simply overweight

    2. I’ve posted pictures with filter, no filter with and without makeup, and with my natural long black hair down or in a bun. I have no problem going without make up. My body matches my face. Never had an issue. Latina 100 percent.

    3. Yet him and many niggas go for females that look like males with all that plastic surgery shit. They wouldn’t even look at a regular, good woman.

    4. So this is all he got? What happened to some music? You know, what he was originally famous and appreciated for.

    5. MJ did NOT have a nose …when it melts like candle wax…
      To bad was a good looking guy til after thriller!!then wacko Jackie…&,as a 6 ur old white kid all I wanted was the RED ZIPPERS jacket album was solo sic

    6. If BLACK men would stop looking for other women instead of THE WOMEN the Lord has made for them……..these women wouldn’t have to go to these EXTREMES!!!!!!!!!

      • Black women dont go to the extremes for black men. Black women do all that baffoonery for acceptance into the wider society. Thats why they tried to belittle black men who tell them not to wear weave

            • All women wear weaves. Back in the 1700s who you think made weave? White people so stfu with that black women only wear weave bullshit

              • why would a group of women wear something that naturally grows out their head. Other races wear wigs but ONLY black women wear weave.

                Weave= high self esteem
                no weave= lawdy wear her hairline at


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