Blac Cyna Spills Tea: Tyga & Rob Trapped Me


    blac chyna rob tyga trapped her

    Blac Chyna went on Instagram Live and spilled her on tea. Not only did she confirm that her baby daddies Rob Kardashian and Tyga aren’t paying her child support, she also says both men “tricked” her into getting pregnant.

    Chyna also says she loves her mom Tokyo Toni but she’s so “mean” and “evil.”


    1. Why would anybody want to trick a trick?

      She went looking for a meal ticket and got a bag of peanuts and a pack of crackers.

    2. Did IQs just suddenly drop in the state of CALIFORNIA? This may sound like a stupid question but how do you trick a girl into getting pregnant? Is there some type of lingo that is whispered in the ear and the girl goes deaf,dumb, and blind? INQUIRING MINDS want to know………

      • She is NOT from Cali, don’t put her on us.. she came from some where else with this stupidity.. She dont have no attributes of a Cali female, from her head to personality..

        • She’s from D.C. She’s a typical ghetto bitch that don’t know how to act. Those types are in every slum in America.

          • No ma’am.. We don’t put on them weak wigs, eyleshased, caked up makeup, diaper booties..or think it’s cute to be fat.. we walk around with, tenny shoes, no make up, no bootie, no eyelashes, and wear a size 0, proudly..

            Maylasia, Saweetie, and Jhene Aiko are true Cali girls… all from the slums…

            You can see from a mile away China don’t belong.. Too much makeup, weave, butt and everything..

            Naturally she’s beautiful, but only girls from other states wear all that shyt with them platform ugly shoes drag queen shoes..

      • It’s called “Stealthing!” This happens during the act of sex where a man removes the condom during intercourse and your unaware. This happens more than you think. It’s the equivalent of poking wholes in a condom to trap a mani to having an unwanted child.

        • HONEY you better STOP with the madness!!!!!!!! You mean to tell me there are men that want to get women pregnant? Now here’s a first!!!!!!

          • Not really…

            Some want to trap you, to limit your options and keep other men away and some do it because they don’t want to wear a condom…which is sketchy as Fuck.

            So to the big baller women (who make more than men) Beware of the Stealthers!

          • Yep! That’s why it’s important to be as lucid as possible during sex. That way, you will feel the difference if he decides to stealth you.

    3. More like she tricked them. Sorry but what normal man would plan to have a child with a gold digging whore. !! ?

    4. How in the entire fuck do you get tricked into getting knocked up. Both of those men were suppose to be a lick and it backfired

    5. Lol,it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the gold diggin hoes if you just open your fuckin eyes!!! Most females going after famous people are gold diggers. Just another damn groupie.

    6. What happen to Birth Control? The Pill?! and taking responsibility for your actions when your legs are wide open!

      • Only a Dumb Ass takes Pills from these people who have used blacks to conduct their own personal science experiments …be a man and keep the condom on and there will be less problems.


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