Blac Chyna Bashed for Promoting Skin Bleaching Cream


    blac chyna bleaches skin

    Rumors about Blac Chyna bleaching her skin have been swirling in recent years, and the former reality star is finally putting the issue to rest with her new endorsement.

    Chyna has partnered with Whitenicious by Dencia for their “Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream” product. It sells for $250 per jar, and the jar is covered in Swarovski crystals.

    Chyna’s rep told TMZ she has been using Whitenicious dark spot corrector for a few years to deal with hyperpigmentation.

    The comments are turned off on her Instagram post, so she can’t receive a proper dragging. But the worst part about her new partnership is it’s officially launching Nov. 25 in Lagos, Nigeria of all places.

    blac chyna skin bleaching

    blac chyna bleached skin


    1. I know everyone thinks Tony is out there but now we see she knows some isht that wasn’t being revealed til now. For a black woman to sell skin whitening cream to black people shows me how lost this lil girl is.

    2. Why are people still surprised by these idiots that sell their souls to the devil.? This girl has no morals no nothing she’s literally dead inside and just doing what the people are paying her to do which is help tear down the black community. Make blacks hate themselves

    3. So are we going to act like black people especially black women dont clown dark skin women and men. Are we going to act like alpha kappa alpha doesnt have a brown paper bag test. Are we going to act like blacks dont prefer lighter skin “blacks” in leadership i.e obama, kapernik, booker t washington, web dubois kamala harris smdh. Chyna is just doing what us blacks prefer

      • You’re white. No self-respecting black person would say “us blacks”. You should like you’re from the South with terrible diction and this is your best attempt at being articulate lol

        Loser… hang yourself

    4. Black China is following orders from her slave masters. Her orders are to spread self hatred to black women. Sistas should love their skin, be proud to be black and thank God that he gave you melanin.

    5. Quote from Marcus Garvey, “Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.”

    6. So a naturally light skinned woman is promoting skin cream to artificially lighten black skin, to look like hers? There’s no way to evenly change your skin with cream. There will always be a body part that is missed. How does one evenly apply cream to their back without someone else doing it for them?

    7. Who was that girl supposed to be in the picture? Surely not BLACK CHINA? Can somebody stop the MADNESS!!!!!!! This instant!!!!!! IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Can I be any clearer?

    8. Who really wants to look like Silly Putty? People who bring up light skin usually don’t realize why it was once a big deal. These days, it’s not that serious as long as a person has a brain in their head, they can sidestep the field/house mentality that is corrupting the minds of young people for no reason.

      I mean, really, a Caucasian gives a POC a compliment on their looks and they feel no longer feel they are part of the community? These weak @’s are usually the first to get tossed on their backside with booty cheeks skidding across the ground. And this chick right here…her claim to fame is a rapper who doesn’t pay his bills and a Kartrashian connect? Please, this generation has the power to be better!

    9. List of black women who have bleached their skin:

      1. Lil Kim

      2. Stacey Dash

      3. Latoya Jackson

      4. Lark Voorhies

      5. Beyonce

      6. Trina McGee

      7. Raven Symone

      These black women have allowed the devil to poison their minds. God gave us melanin, therefore God loves us and black is beautiful. These black women should learn to love themselves; stop letting the devil dictate what is beautiful. BlackerTheBerryTheSweeterTheJuice

    10. Here’s a chick who’s name is Black Chyna, but doesn’t want to be black one bit by promoting self-hatred. The only thing black on her are those roots in her swollen head.

    11. Young black women YOU have the power to stop this craziness and its rather ez,STOP “BUYING” IN 2 DA THAT BS!!!KEEP IT NATURAL AS POSSIBLE no skin bleach,fake body parts,weaves etc & boycott the black females celebs who promote it.If your man can except your natural beauty,trust me another one will,watch old(70’s) soul train line vids on YT etc.With the money you save not buying weaves/body parts..etc you can but your kids some books,just a thought/solutions

    12. There is nothing wrong with wanting an even complexion. Hyperpigmentation along with acne can do some damage to your skin and leave scars. I think it’s going to the extreme to say that anyone who uses it wants to be white. Women wear make up and use products every day. This is nothing more than an over priced skin product.

    13. Black women are hot. White women are overrated.. Why don’t black women get that? When you walk into a room your eyes automatically gravitate towards the black lady. I know it and them crackers know it too.

      • Most black women who are considered hot have alot of cracker genes FACTS…Vanessa williams, Beyonce, Halle berry, alicia keys afro latinas. Thats why black women love claiming ever shade of black

        • STFU Fag.

          Worry about the afriKKKant Bitches like your Mom you never claim…so worried about a people you don’t/ will never belong to…worry about your continent of nobodies.

        • You OBVIOUSLY haven’t been to Africa, nor seen consistent photos of thick, naturally curvaceous dark skinned women both in the United States or in Africa.

          HANG yourself….

    14. Lagos, Nigeria is popping right now. I follow a few YouTubers from there to learn how to make authentic African dishes, learn the latest head wrap techniques and make up tutorials. It’s a shame how Western influence is steering them away from natural foods and products that grow there in abundance in favor for over processed, chemically laden garbage just because it’s popular here.
      Just think mac & cheese with the priced jacked up because a Disney character is on the box, smh.

      So I see why she would launch it over there from a business aspect. Personally, I think she like other people are taking advantage of this white is better agenda that has people of color all over the world, especially Africa bleaching their skin.

      Unfortunately, with skin bleaching comes skin cancer which is a shame…trading in a blessing for a curse.


      • I don’t care what happens to those people who sold us…we aren’t them and they aren’t us, so if they choose to hate themselves (their skin) that is on them.


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