BBD’s Ricky Bell Admits His Wife Got Him Strung Out On Drugs


    ricky bell wife drugs

    R&B singer Ricky Bell admitted to Vlad TV that it was his wife of 14 years, Amy Correa, who got him hooked on drugs.

    The 51-year-old saw how much fun she would have when she was high on ecstasy, so he started taking it with her. He said it was the first time he had ever taken anything other than smoking weed.

    After their dealer gave them a free bag of cocaine, they decided to try it one night. 36-year-old Amy didn’t like it, but Ricky got hooked and became a full-blown addict.


    1. He is a grown man and life is about choices…you chose to get high on drugs…stop blaming ya wife!

    2. Well chasing the dragon will leave you broke, nothing is ever enough..
      He needs to thank Jesus that he’s still alive, and use his talent..

    3. As long as he’s known Bobby Brown he’s never done anything but smoke weed until just 14 years ago? LOL


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