Azealia Banks Spills Tea on Kanye, Kim & Kris Jenner


    azealia banks kanye kim kris jenner

    Azealia Banks took to her Instagram Story to spill a little bit of tea on Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and she even threw Kris Jenner into the mix!

    Click the arrows to read her rant:


    1. Wow AB really does play at the highest level of witchery. If she’s poking Kris Jenner like that Banks has a ‘high’ cover(n) too.

        • You obviously don’t listen to Hip-Hop. Kanye was talented AF. I hate when casual listeners of Hip-Hop give opinions on it like they know shit.

        • Actually Azealia IS talented but her side antics and weird social interactions overshadow her artistry.

    2. Azealia Banks has the NERVE to be sick of someone’s shenanigans, stating his does dumb shit for attention?

      SHE SAID THIS? HER? The biggest, baldest, attention troll on the web? This rotten pussy bitch who beef with any and everyone said this?


    3. Just go on and tell it A! We most likely have heard it all before so if it’s old news keep it, we been knowing about it! Why is she even letting him purge her talents??? I thought she was woke.


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