Audio of Young Buck Begging Trans Woman to Deny Encounter


    young buck trans woman

    A trans woman who goes by the name of Glamourpurfek claimed she had been hooking up with G-Unit rapper Young Buck. After posting incriminating evidence on her Instagram account, the rapper reportedly called her and BEGGED her to delete it all in exchange for $2,000.

    Buck had no idea the conversation was being recorded tho! In the audio, you can hear a man who sounds like him, crying as he tells the woman to delete the posts and tell her followers her account had been hacked.

    The woman initially deleted the posts and issued this apology video. But she later claimed Young Buck never even paid her the $2,000 that he promised.

    This isn’t the first time Buck has been allegedly caught in a sex scandal. Back in September, a video surfaced of a man who looked like him getting a BJ from a trans woman. Buck denied it was him in the video.


    1. Sheesh! It’s getting really hectic out here. I’m afraid to date cuz I just can’t tell who might secretly like to play butt darts. To each their own and I don’t knock anybody lifestyle. What’s the purpose of life if u can’t live it doing what makes you happy. My problem is the ones that do it secretly and I’m seeing more and more that IT IS A LOT OF MEN! LIKE A LOT!

      • The only thing most men need is a hole and a heartbeat and the heartbeat is optional.

        So more likely than not someone you have messed with has had a homo experience…

      • If she asks u to buy pads or tampons every month then there u have it. Also baby photos as well Maybe proof of birth certificate ?

        • Nawwww…they are allowing some of them to change birth certificates after a full genital change.

          Photos not anymore you do have people who transition as kids now or they could use any one’s photos kids look the same especially if you use a family member… tampon usage can also be faked.

          • Then men going to have to literally look down and see if there is actual blood coming from vagina smfh this world has gone to hell it needs to just be destroyed

            • Truth be told someone could use a vile of food coloring and shove it up their new hole to fake blood coming out…that is why I said tampon usage can be faked.

              Agree…he is coming back to right these atrocities and the world won’t even be ready, but I’m here for it!

    2. That Boondocks cartoon was 100% accurate. Damn near all of these rappers are just like the character Gangstalicious!

    3. Nigga is gay asf and in denial. I’m a female and just by hearing how that tranny talks I was able to tell it was not a female , How?? because the tranny was overdoing it putting so much emphasis on some of the words.

      • More like you can hear his voice is not close to being feminine nor is he in general…

        These dudes know they are fucking with dudes.

        • Mhm sound just like a gay dude imitating a woman. Young buck definitely got a history with this thing he’s talking to. If he didn’t care he wouldn’t be pleading

    4. Why keep trying to fake the funk?

      I mean there are only so many times you can be caught out there, pretty soon we will be hitting cospig numbers…once was enough for me to get the message….smfh.

      The Great Pumpkin is ON!

    5. That’s so disgusting. It’s one thing to be gay, but shemales?

      People like that need help, and so do the shemales. Society needs to stop calling this anything other than what it is; illness. And I say the same thing to women who think they’re men and the women that mess with them. That’s not healthy.

      • The dudes that fuck with these, think they are getting the best of both world’s a dude with tits &/or they are afraid to come ALL the way the end of the day it is still ALL MALE and no amount of surgery, makeup or hormones will make it anything else.

        The agenda is to make wrong~right and right~wrong.

        For people to be down with thinking anything goes including pedophilia…it is all a ploy to continue destroying innocence.

        And yes you are right it IS a mental illness that is why they are supposed to be in years of therapy before they have surgery or are put on hormones, but that rarely happens anymore.

    6. This guy looks stoopid. He needs to never try to do wrong because he will always get caught. He does crazy isht then turns around and tries to beg the other person not to reveal it. Young Buck, don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t sexually molest, don’t do anything crazier than brushing your teeth because you will always get caught. Even when you get to be Old Buck, if you smart enough to live that long, just keep brushing your teeth, or dentures as the case may be, because you don’t have what it takes to do wrong or extraordinary stuff. You will always get caught!

    7. Buck been with this tranny three years

      Buck been to prison before suspect, plus he’s affiliated with other dl rappers

      Everytime a rapper gets exposed gotta check out who he tolls with before buck joined g unit he was with birdman

      Birdman sure is affiliated with a lot of homosexual rappers

    8. Lies and Deceit
      Buck playin wit that penis
      Pleading wit the punk
      Head with the coat on
      Throw the whole nigga away

    9. If buck.knrw that wasn’t the video why the hell.he trying to bribe him
      His career been dead

      2000 lol.buck should have kept that himself

      Starlito exposed buck.two.years ago


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