Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Dropkicked in South Africa


    arnold Schwarzenegger kick video

    71-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the receiving end of a dropkick while attending an event in South Africa on Saturday.

    The actor was in attendance at a sporting event called the Arnold Classic Africa when a man appears behind him, jumps and kicks him in the back. The man was then detained by security.

    Arnold also shared a different angle on his Twitter:

    But first, he reassured everyone that he’s fine:

    Glad he’s okay but LMAO!


    1. Glad it happened to the bastard. That was for Tookie! Ain’t no one forgot you ugly, arrogant, racist, son of a bitch!

    2. Here is another fact about Schwarzenegger. He fucked Vanessa Williams while he was married to Maria Shriver. That’s how Vanessa got the job on the movie Eraser.

    3. No clue why anyone cares that under him tookie williams was put to death considering he started the bs Crips gang and cause of them thousands of families and to this day have had close ones killed by them so what really

      Yea he changed in Jail but the long lasting damage and effects were done cause of him

      • I disagree w/your comment. Others have been pardoned for similar stuff so why not Tookie? Had he lived, I think he would have continued to make positive changes. Maybe that’s part of the real reason he was put to death.

      • This is why I Hate Dumb people…

        The crooked ass lapd and fed gov’t who left wans and train cars filled with guns are the ones who started & have kept “gang violence” going.

        No one man is the sole blame.

      • You have to consider why gangs are doemed to start with. He didnt start anything to hurt people it was to protect. Naturally it went left and turned into something a bit different but those weren’t his intentions to do harm. Just like every other gang including LAPD and every police department these days a lot of these officers went in with good intentions but it ended up something different. Again if he happened to be white it would’ve been a pardon immediately if he was able in jail at all that is. With people using affluenza as a defence and getting away with it why shouldn’t Tookie have been pardon? Black people do hard time for they’re crimes white people get probation for the same and worse so no I dont see any reason they had to put that man to death he could’ve done time and been released not been killed.

      • YAY!!! 😀 Maybe Monique can take the high road, but I won’t. I’m GLAD he’s out! Ppl are sick of Steve. Who do y’all think should be the new host? Some are saying Michael Strahan will replace him. I’mma go out on a limb here-he’d have to keep in clean, but actually think George Lopez might make a good host. Yep, put some Hispanic or Asian guy to make it even; they’ve had white, black, now it’s time for other. JMO.

      • Haven’t seen anything that he has been fired yet.That being said, his contract is up for renewal & it may not be renewed.

    4. The liquid Terminator disguised himself as an angry South African. 🤣

      Seriously though, f**k this German.

    5. Instead of crackers stepping on our BACKS……….ALAS THE TABLES HAS TURNED….. LMAO😂😂😂😂😂😂

    6. South Africans need to learn how to do the Jamaican kick. It’s more effective. It kicked CACs straight out of Jamaica. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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