Amber Rose Used In IG Prostitution Ring

amber rose prostitution

A prostitution ring is reported to have been using Amber Rose to lure models.

The LAPD is investigating a company which was looking for models and offered “a paid celebrity photoshoot and clothing line”.  They said that Amber Rose was one of the main people responsible for choosing which models they would use, and then would set up a FaceTime session with Amber.

They were actually just using old Ustream footage and had Rose look like she was dealing with a bad connection.  Some of the models actually bought into this and thought the company was legit.  What the company was doing was offering the women “bigger projects” if they were willing to get intimate while on dates that were set up by the company with rich older men.

The shady prostitution ring was using IG to bring the women in, and all of this was allegedly done without Amber having any knowledge her name was being used.

amber rose prostitution 2


    • @OriginalMan, “EXACTLY!!”

      “WHAT do people EXPECT (FROM WHORES)???”

      “WHORES WILL be WHORES!!” laughing!

  1. LOL! What better tool than to use the world’s 2nd biggest THOT to lure other THOTS. It’s not a ring though. It’s done in LA and Miami all the time. Check out CastingCouch-HD where the chicks come in thinking their auditioning for a Snoop, Drake or Lil Wayne video (only to get *ssed up). . Alot of the girls have 2-3 day stubble in different regions of their body so if they knew they were going to get ***ed, pretty sure they would of shaved. Also, this type of P**n is scripted, but not the initial 10-20 minutes. Also, I find it hard to believe they (the rapper or celebrity) isn’t in on this in some way. Pretty sure they get a cut or it’s just how they get off. Once they talk/facetime the celebrity/rapper for a minute, the girls go why not. Sign the release, get paid, get nailed, realize this thing is bigger than some stupid video, say “screw it” (because they are told like every other person in p*rn is told “It’s a permanent record and it will haunt you for the rest of your life. If you make 1, you might as well make 100 and get money”) and go on other “jobs” for other websites. The only real reality p**n I’ve ever seen is Backroom ***ials (the Original with Mr. Lucipher and some Middle Eastern Guy). There is no doubt about the authenticity that one shot back in the 90’s..the early days of the Internet.

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