Amber Rose Has Her Licker License For Rihanna


Amber Rose Rihanna Licker License

HSK Exclusive – Amber Rose was recently linked to French Montana’s brother, Zack Kharbouch. But yesterday, Wiz Khalifa’s baby momma hopped on social media to express her lust for pop star Rihanna.

Let’s go!

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  1. Not one single member of our wonderful HSK family will be shocked, surprised or give a furry rat’s ass about this.

    Drug addicted Weed Wiz knew ALL about her when he married her as does every other person who knows of her.
    This is so not news!

  2. Yuck!
    At least with all the nasty men in the industry
    the male condom is still being promoted
    But I wonder if they promote the female condom just as much
    Whether male or female I would be very afraid to put mouth on any of these 2 ladies twats

  3. Im visit hsk on a regular and Im interested in their sexy asses
    Especially Ambers
    She got the body of life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wait a minute. Give the girl props now. She did say she is bi-sexual now. We got some who are doing what she is doing but on the DL with it or being slick with it. Now if she caught anything from the time she has sex from whoever she listed, at least she and us will know. IJS. Even though I am playing devil’s advocate here but at least she is coming out and letting us know this is who she is.

    • DR1,

      YOU are so kind…
      Even when things are just plain BAD!
      That’s why you’re so loved here!!! 😉

    • Baby, we already knew who she was. This is not news, she gets no props. This is like the klan calling a person a nigger and then explainingng that they dont like blaick people. Point is we already know you hate us, as long as you hate from the confines of your trailer park, it’s all good. Bitch we already knew what you was about, nobody wants to invision your cue ball head between Rihannas legs while she suck on her rancid toe up coochie lips. We already knew she ate puss.

  5. I understand hoes will always be hoes but Amber has to be at least 30 years old, she is too old to be doing like this on social media.
    Besides that, I read elsewhere she and Kanye used to have threesomes with Rihanna all the time back in the day. Her lust for Rihanna isn’t anything new.

  6. amber stayed with wiz long enough to get married, have a baby and get her a lump sum of $ and a steady child support check. Now that she has her money her true colors are showing. I really gave her the benefit of the doubt!!Trick ass hoe! had me fooled thinking she was really changing. oh well. In my bel,biv,devoe voice POISON. Neva just a big but and a smile!!

    • Dang bruh, you taking this a little personal…did Amber run threw your pockets and left you sprung…..LolololololoL

  7. This irrelevant to the topic. T Pain sounds like absolute shyt with no autotune. I was expecting the voice Hezekiah Walker or a lost Winans based off some word of mouth reviews. Should of known not to listen to young white coworkers for good music.

  8. Welp, the girl is bisexual, so it’s normal that she got strong urges to go carpet munching. I mean at least she’s an honest ho in the light and the dark.

  9. Not even her real pge her name s MUVAROSEBUD on that site!!! this is an imposter mh we believe anything


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