Amanda Seales Has a Message for White Women and the Black Men Who Love Them


    Singer and entertainer Amanda Seales was in her feelings and dropped this gem on her Instagram account yesterday.

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    Do you agree?


    1. Fuck this stupid ugly bitch! She tried to destroy the career and life of Dr. Myron Rolle. Black men stay away from this bitch. Amanda Seales is a modern day Robin Givens. Once again black men I warn you to stay the fuck away from this vindictive bitch!

    2. Myron Rolle is a doctor working and studying at Harvard Medical School. What the fuck is this ugly bitch doing?

      • If a few women say that THIS man was inappropriate with them then he needs to be CHECKED before said inappropriate behavior gets WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Just because he’s a BLACK man and a doctor he shouldn’t be called on his behavior? You would think with all that knowledge he has he’d know BETTER!!!!!!!! But I guess not……..I guess a man will continue to be a dog.

    3. She’s very insecure. Someone needs to tell her she’s not a spokesperson for black people. Nobody in hollyweird or the music industry can speak for the masses.

    4. 🤣
      Translation: The sellouts are no longer as interested in half-white exoticals like her, and she’s heated. The sellouts are after Beckies.

      Actually, she’s just another NON-BLACK jumping on the black men bashing bandwagon because she can get a whole career out of it. Talentless b***ch.

    5. Amanda Seales is a broke, d-list version of Tiffany Haddish. In other words, the bitch is not funny, she’s ugly and her career will not last long!

      • She’s biracial. She shouldn’t be speaking on black issues. Her and Yvette Carnell need to sit their white asses down. She probably goes home to a white like Yvette.

        Seales probably loves casserole.

    6. Not one man on this post has rebutted what Amanda a said, so she is right. Hit dogs will holler!

    7. Maaan this Black Man hating hoe needs to sit her no class, man bashing asss some where, dumb bitch…


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