Aisha Tyler Debuts Her White Queen


    aisha tyler girlfriend

    After a disastrous marriage that ended with Aisha Tyler having to pay her ex-husband a $2 million divorce settlement, Aisha’s switching teams!

    The former The Talk co-host has been flaunting her new girlfriend, Emily Bett, all over the ‘Gram.

    Do they make a cute couple?


    1. Terrible…black men were her enemy then the white man (men in general) now the white woman will save her…..dogs up next

        • ^Those two are clearly white people or retarded because only they think about and imagine that sickness.

    2. Uhhh…I assume she has a nose ring on, but what is that white shit?

      If you aren’t 100% on if your nose is clean, no up the snoz pics please…smdh.

      I guess it could be a clip on, but still….ugghhh.

    3. They just don’t look right together and it’s not because one is white and one is black. But whatever that’s their weird ass lives. I never liked Aisha she always seemed like a sellout

    4. Honey……she sure loves herself some white people!!!!!!! I guess she ain’t learn her lesson from the last one who took her for a million x 2.

      • They never learn sis! Same for these lost negroes! Our ancestors are very disappointed in our black asses!!!!

    5. Aisha Tyler = Tiffany Haddish !!!! ~ Same MK Ultra Mind Control Programming !!! (see: new crash dummy)

    6. Ewwwww, could never be intimate with a female, just ewwwww. Nothing like a MAN’S strong MASCULINE body, arms and hands on you.

      • You’re the type of chick that would be the easiest to turn out. Gayness makes you uncomfortable.

        One night you’ll get drunk or high around a gay b**ch that looks straight. You’ll end up holding your legs back.

        Just kidding.

        • ON GOD, I could never get that drunk, NEVER……Lol, Lol, Lol
          BTW: Gay people don’t make me uncomfortable, I’m a female whose only attracted to MALES and not other FEMALES.
          You could be attracted or fock who you want, I would still be your friend.
          I’ve been to a gay bar before in Sacramento Cali and had a ball. I love flamin gay men

      • White people will never take over anything…why do you think they support abortion, birth control & sterilization here and are trying to promote that shit in africa now?

        Because they know they are the minority worldwide & are a dying breed… if africans keep having children the rate they are now, their population will be over 4 billion by 2050 and these saltines don’t want that.

        Outside of all of that if you know anything about prophecy their time of domination is almost up and our punishment is about to be over …for those who don’t know you better ask somebofy who does!

        • Scratch that could be 4 bill by 2100…which won’t matter because I doubt the world will be as it is by then

    7. This is true you love who you love however the ent inds is constantly pushing this “liberal bs agenda”
      (ie illegal immigration/lgbt) via mass media/fake news,while also attempting to destroy male masculinity in particular black men.One way to combat this is DO NOT SUPPORT THIS FOOLISHNESS
      via your dollars/time or your vote..etc,these options is not a cure all but it is a start mho

    8. That white girl barely has any pics of Aisha on her instagram and aisha’s Goofy looking coon having ass talking about how she’s so in love. Aisha seems like the type of coon white people get tired of after a while.

    9. It makes no sense for sane black folk to date not just racists, but extreme racists. What could you as a black man/woman possibly see in a white, Arab, or “Latino?”

      I give a pass to people in bad situations, like if they’re poor and born in Montana or Ireland or something. But everyone else has issues.

      And Aisha’s always been a delusional sellout. In a “comedy” video, she once equated having a nice butt with being “ghetto.”

      • @2:07 many black people have lost they cotton pickN minds smh. Conscience/subconsciously we(i mean they)hate themselves so much they rather carry everybody else’s water but their own/date outside our race/kill our own..etc which is very sad,we really need to wake up and start wearing our blackness as a badge of honor. selflove #unity#buyblack #vote imformed #readyourhistory

        • Except, MOST BLACK PEOPLE EXCLUSIVELY DATE AND MARRY BLACK PEOPLE. Only desperate or delusional black people date your white a****. And most criminals primarily target those within their race/ethnicity, so take your gay ass Fox News talking points and go write a book about BBC since you gay ass white men are obsessed with black d**k.

    10. The yt partner will move on one day and get all kinds of passes – but the non yt part of the couple will continue to suffer in the relationship and out of it. It’s called racism.

    11. First hollywood promotes sistas fucking white men (Monsters Ball, Something New). Now they’re promoting sistas fucking lesbo white bitches? The Devil is working hard to destroy us. Black women don’t fall for this satanic shit! Aisha Tyler is a fucking disgrace!


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