21 Savage Shows Off 100K Bed


    21 savage 100k bed

    Now that his issues with ICE appear to be under control, 21 Savage splurged on a $100K bed.

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    #21Savage spent 100k on a bed

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    A waste of money, or….?


    1. Another dumb ass black man who is ignorant about money investments. This coon will be broke in ten years.

    2. That “bed” must have been his life savings, becuz he isn’t holding up more than a couple hundy in 20s…🤑😕😒😒

    3. Always remember this saying if you feel you have to show off and let people know what you have you really don’t really have it like that and you will go into a deep depression trying to always keep up with other people

    4. A air matress at walmart cost 50 this is another damn idiot is he gonna even sleep im the 1000000 bed lol
      Blacks love showing put wjen they get money

    5. If he’s popping like that he wouldn’t have time to enjoy that 100k bed. He should be too busy on tour and doing shows.

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