Colin Kaepernick Secures Plane to Send Supplies to Somalia!


    Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick continues to make philanthropic waves after securing a way to provide relief to the people of Somalia. After joining a Twitter campaign begging Turkish Airlines to send a cargo plane with aid, the former quarterback announced on Twitter Friday that he had secured one from the airline to bring supplies to the East African nation. Posted By Persist.

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    1. By the time that gf stops gassing him up he’ll be broke. No job and no prospects.

      Even though he promised he will stand for the anthem now.

      • I agree. He took a stand and we need to boycott the football league for not picking him back up. We should support strong brothers like Colin. No contract for him and no football will be allowed in my house. Blacks need to take a stand for something. Why allow this brother to be persecuted alone? He stood for something that really matters. Where are Blacks to stand for him? No Colin Kap…..i am refuse to support the NFL. Blacks need to stop standing on the sidelines and take a stand for something. This brother will always have my support.

    2. jazakallah.

      and his gf wont be the reason he has no job. kaep was already on the way out before the controversy.

      • The gf may not be the reason he lost his job, but she is the reason he went from a cocky flossin’ fool to a “conscious brotha.”

        Here’s the truth: IF he had a great arm and a QB brain, a team would pick him up regardless of the controversy. Howe much the NFL will put up with is directly in proportion to how good of a player you are. That’s why Mixon is going to be a high draft pick even though some see him as radioactive.

        Kap is just not very good. He’s in the same category as Tim Tebow who also lost his job and no one would take him.

    3. Attention black parents, please stop enrolling your sons in football. When black boys play football, these are the two things that will happen. One, your son will receive hundreds of concussions, I’m not exaggerating. Two, a white man will become a multi millionaire; possibly a billionaire. Here is a list of white men who have become rich off of black football players:

      1. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, multi billionaire
      2. Nick Saban, head coach, Alabama Crimson Tide, 7 million dollars
      3. Jim Harbaugh, head coach, Michigan Wolverines, 8 million dollars
      4. Pete Carroll, head coach, Seattle Seahawks, multi millionaire
      5. Urban Meyer, had coach Ohio State Buckeyes 4 million dollars

    4. Fact: Over 50 percent of NFL players are black.

      Fact: There are no black owners in the NFL

      Fact: There are one hundred and twenty five major college football teams. There are less than twenty black head coaches in major college football.

      • Are yo claiming that the NFL will not allow a black man to own a franchise?

        Since the average franchise reached an average price tag of one and a half billion dollars, there aren’t any lack Americans other than Oprah who have the resources to purchase one.

        And your shading of Jerry Jones is unfair. He is incredibly popular with his players, and he is famous for being willing to take on a player with “issues” when no one else will touch them.
        As for hundreds of concussions, you know that is no longer the case. The monitoring of possible CTE cases has become extremely vigilant. It had to in order to protect the NFL shield from future liability.

        Your criticism of professional football omits the cold had truth: many, many of those black men have been lifted from poverty to wealth because of the NFL and other sports leagues.

        My man Shannon Sharpe recently stated that even IF he had suffered irreparable brain damage in his Hall of Fame career, he would do it all over again for the opportunity of changing the lives of his many family members for the better.
        You need to take it into consideration that were it not for their NFL careers, many young lack men might have suffered any number of indignities and ill fortune in other ways.
        We aren’t taking about young men who are given the choice of pro football vs medical school here. The vast majority would be destined to continue the cycle of poverty they were born into.

      • Fact : Football wasn’t invented by some black dude neither any popular sport…
        Fact : Many players are black because it’s their only option to escape their crazy single mom…
        Fact : Before 1961 “civil rights” blacks owned their sports leagues, businesses, lands, banks…

    5. Jerry jones is an ass. Theres more to it than just having a good arm and a QB brain. Its a business and being that they claim he is unamerican for taking a stand. That’s the most unpopular thing to be labeled as these days with people like trump rallying up all the sheeple. Not to mention, o he “looks” like a muslim and they all want the US dead.
      Please, he’s not on a team because they’re a bunch of racist enabling idiots and are worried about what people will think instead of what’s right and wrong.


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